Peeking Inside Volume One...

Completely Custom by Dan Langlois

If you think your new Assos rain cape is going to separate you from the pack in terms of style and individuality, think again. This past season, the Circle A cyclocross team fashioned skinnies from whole merino stock. "Cyclocross has that spirit of do-it-yourself culture deep in its roots. The decision to make our own kits seemed congruous to the sense of individuality..." Read how the forging of a custom kit was not unlike the races that it was being crafted for.

The Watchmaker by Jackson Weber

Steve Pucci, a directing member of a seminal American cycling club - CCB, has had a hand in the development of a some of the United States' most notable racers. Jackson Weber speaks with him on his early experiences with Tyler Hamilton, Tim Johnson and others and who he is eyeing for the future. Now, can you picture a young Bart Wellens in a CCB kit?