A Bicycle Coloring Book: Vol. 2

This arrived in the mail the other day.

I have to say, I haven't bought too many coloring books in the past twenty years or so, but this one is pretty rad. Taliah Lempert is the queen of the bicycle painting, at least in my book. Her site proves this as well. The best part about her paintings is that the bikes run the gamut of the cycling world. From "touched" commuter-specials and straight up racers, vintage steeds, and even some celebrity cycles everything is there.

One of my favorites is "Greg's Lemond." Could it be? The crazy SCOTT handlebars and Team Z paint job is all there. Well, you can't see the paint below, but you can on the website and the back of the coloring book.

Now I'm stuck at kind of a crossroads. What to do? Do I color them in, or leave them the way they are and casually peruse the book? Or color them in? Maybe this book could serve as a template for people who are interested in purchasing custom bicycles. If one is having a hard time deciding on what color scheme to go with, maybe A Bicycle Coloring Book: Vol. 2 can help them to make their decision.

In fact. If anyone knows anyone who has actually colored these in. I would love to see and post them here.