Mad Alchemy Embrocations

Need I say more?

I could go on and on about Mad Alchemy Embrocations; how sweet this embrocation applies, or its multiple uses outside of the cycling world. Dare I say that I've found the be all end all to embrocations? Its a bold statement I know. I've been using the "Warm Weather" all summer and loving it. I even used it on one 90+ degree day in July.

Amazing. Goes on a little thick, granular even, but works well everywhere.
Has a very PRO look to it.

A touch of eucalyptus, a hint of Cyclocross, perfect for those long summer days.
Side Note: Since we're speaking of smell I might add that purveyor of these fine leg oils Peter Smith has gone to great lengths to also produce a Coffee smelling version (also for sale on the site.) I've tried it and if there were ever a case for something coffee smelling in the morning. Here it is.

Not much, again, really nice for morning summer rides.
I'm looking forward to sampling some of the "warmer" versions, but we'll have to wait till the New England Fall and Winter really get into the full swing of things.

$13.00 4oz jar

The Best Part.
Made in Massachusetts.