When T-Shirts Rule the World.

BKW says in his article titled "Currency" that the currency of the bicycle world could be the sticker. Too true. I've worked at a few older "Mom and Pop" shops and I still remember the thrill of finding a discarded box in attic, behind a pile of tires, loaded with old Schwinn decals.

However, I feel that there is an older brother to the sticker. Also a much coveted possession, the T-Shirt is something that I look forward to during the Cyclocross season. Maybe its that Cross Spectators make good customers, maybe Cross racers make good customers, or maybe its just people getting psyched?

In any case, here are a few of the great ones I've come across this season.

1 - This little beauty comes from Seattle, Mr. Z. Daab is the founder, creator, purveyor, and huge cross nut behind both Cascade Bicycle Studio and HUP. Clean elegant style clearly represents what you may expect at an appointment with CBS. Elegance and Style. Pierre was wearing his at Gloucester and people kept asking where this studio was...

2 - ATMO. According to my opinion, Pretty Rad. You know that if you're seeing red like this that it is coming out of the Richard Sachs camp. Every year he's got a few new sporty shirts that his team is wearing around everywhere and making everyone jealous. Nice.

3 - Where The Land Meets the Sea's bass player works at the shop. Great wrench. Greater Bass Player. Foxy lead singer as well, which is probably what made me buy the shirt. But its clean and elegant as well. I'm a sucker for anything that comes close to Art Neaveau. I know, it isn't really, but it made me think of it, and that's cool.

4 - Ira Ryan's shirt is the newest in the collection and I have to admit, I haven't worn this one yet (but it's because I'm kind of coveting it.) But it is an American Apparel shirt and its all soft and baby blue. Sensitive much. When actual drawings make their way on to t-shirts, sometimes it goes terribly wrong. Not so here, I'm a big fan of the hand lettering and the color choices. Light Brown and Light Blue are the new Pink and Black.

5 - I first saw this shirt at the NAMBLA show in San Jose. They sold out before I could get one, so when I saw them reprinted at the MAC races a few weeks ago...I have to say. Psyched. Also a great drawing, this one depicting Mr. Bilenky himself. The best part is, and you can't really see it in the photo is that his welding tank says "Philly Brazed."

6- Another standard on the New England Cross scene Independent Fabrications is experimenting with some new colors. I have to say, these are looking good. Don't tell anyone, but Clint and I did a little swappy swap action for the much coveted Embro shirt. This is the back of the shirt and the logo is well sized and placed. Plus, if you see them at the races, they'll totally let you change in their van. Its no big deal.

As I'm putting this down I'm starting to think about some of the classics that I've had or seen over the years. The classic Cinelli and Campy shirts, that were always worn way too much. A little threadbare and soft as hell. My previous roommate one wore one for about a month straight. It turned a weird yellow (which was weird because it started out red.)

But that brings up another good point. Why isn't everyone in on this tip? Here are a few that I would like to see.

BKW: for one, I mean, we've got the kneewarmers, now where are the shirts?
Portland Bicycle Studio: Come on. Cbs, Pbs. It just makes sense.
HUP United: Japanese boy-band shirt. Its out there. I saw it once.
LCC: But what just is the LCC? Wouldn't you like to know?
Chris King: The "I (headset) Portland was good, but too regional.
How about "I (heaset) matching my (bottom bracket) with my (hubset.)
Just an idea, you can use that one if you want.

Stay tuned in the next couple of days, because the T-shirt stuff is coming back.