And The Winner Is...

"D'you reckon that they do it for a joke?
D'you reckon that they make 'em take an oath?
That says: "we are defenders
Of any poseur or professional pretender around"

Fools. Like I would make it that easy.

Actually, it is that easy, and over in fact. The winning submission is currently traveling through the interweb on its way to being printed on some gucci-soft (and yes, "gucci" is a descriptor for soft it means extra soft) American Apparel T-shirts.

What I want to know though...is which, dear reader of this blog, would you choose?

Therein lies the Contest Within The Contest....
All of the lovely people on our email list got this emailed to them early in the am...so I must profess, if you're not on that, you didn't get the jump. But here it is anyway.

Contest within a contest.
I have all of the votes tallied up for the judges. They even added some comments of their own to everything which you will be seeing soon. However, I want to know what you the reader thinks. So, pick two things. Pick the one that you think should win, and the shirt that you think the judges picked.

The first person to respond with the correct guess gets a signed copy of Rouleur Issue 11.

It feels urgent because it is in yellow.

But who signed it?

That's Independent Fabrication's Leah Pappas-Barnes bustin out some dance moves in front of her sweet IF Titanium Planet Cross. You "Keep it Magical" Leah. So that's our celebrity aside for the day. Anyway, guess correctly and I'll ship it out to you today. I'll even throw in a sweet high five for you.

You can keep that one, its on me.

Now I know that Rouleur is pretty fucking awesome. No one gets more excited than me whenever a new issue comes out. I can't get enough of their Euro style. Its just so...ON.
However, I can't be fooled. I know what Leah's favorite cycling journal is anyway.

Now if you've made it this far I might as well divulge everything.

Embrocation Cycling Journal Release Party!
Third Wednesday of December 2008 (that's in two weeks.)
Middlesex Lounge 8pm
315 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge
Soul Music provided by Sean Quinn and DJ Mayhem (and Ike)

DJ Mayhem is a good friend of mine. If you met him on the street instant Mayhem would occur. Everywhere. The thing is...and this is where it gets personal and weepy. He doesn't really DJ "Soul" music. Or at least that's what he claims. So I said to him "Mayhem, I'm only going to say this once, take your new fangled music with its gun cocking, women rapping, bright colored clothes wearing glory, and you stick it in the closet for one night." Then I gave him an Ike Turner album to listen to.

He should be fine.

But what are you releasing Mr. Embrocation...

Soon my friends. Soon.