013: Americans in Belgium.

I was surprised by the number of Americans, or North American's if you prefer, that were racing their bicycles over in Belgium. I tried to capture them the best I could with me little camera, but some of these bike racers are so damn elusive. Especially the women. For some reason not every race has a woman's race, or it goes off hours before the men. Strange?

In any case, here they are....and yes, I'm fully aware that I didn't capture everyone. I'm sorry, I'm only one guy here.

From Left to Right in a Clockwise Fashion:

Jonathan "the Hammer" Page
: I don't think that's his nickname, since I gave it to him, but after watching him race over there it seems fitting. Plus he's kind of the "working man's" racer who's been over there doing it the longest.

Gavin Manion: Only got to see him race once, but he did pretty well. Pucci would be proud, yes he would. I bet Toby would too. I half expected to see Toby lurking at any corner, but alas...no go.

Jamey "stache" Driscoll: Was kind of disappointed that the 'stache went away during the course of the few weeks that I saw him race. This must be the penance you pay for not being in one of these cycling camps and having to take care of yourself.

Molly "the MC" Cameron
: Of Course. Third year in Belgium. No big deal. Schooling everyone on the ice at Turvuren, no big deal. Doing it bigger and better next year. Big deal.

Ryan "Treefarm" Trebon
: Haven't really had that much interaction with this guy. But he sure remains calm and cool in the start box. He even took the time to joke around with me before he got crashed out at the first race we were attended.

Georgia Gould
: This woman is on fire. I saw her handily put away fields that not only included Wendy Simms (my heart skips a beat every time I type that) but Marrianne Vos (and Molly's skips a beat there.)

So, this is Yash and his lovely friend (or can we say finace now?) Meg. They're from the New World as well. In fact they live right down the street from me. That's what I call superfans, coming all the way across the pond to watch a few dudes get dirty. Yes Please.

Matt Shriver
: Ok, don't really know much about this guy. Or anything. I'm sure he's nice though. Molly says so.

Jeremy Powers: He let me listen to his ipod once. I wasn't the same. I was a changed man after that. Jeremy had a few really great rides over there. Killing it. Kiiiiiling it. I'm psyched to see how he does at Worlds. And, as I do, he has a thing for Speculoos. Good man.