015: On the Road Again.

It was two days home (to pack up the apartment) and now I'm back on the road.
I love it.

Should be good though. A nice little ride with the Rapha Continental boys, a chance to do hammer away with the likes of Dan Action, Ira Ryan and apparently a guy named Evil Ryan. DWP shooting photos and Carey covering pretty much every angle possible. Should be good times all around.

Adventure is the name of the game with this crew. Apparently we're doing something like 120 miles a day for a week or so. Good thing that I haven't touched this little beauty in weeks. Nothing like a little winter training to keep the legs fresh. And I ask you...why wouldn't you want to go to California to do it? I would.

The theme of the ride is to capture all the roads from the upcoming Tour of California before that goes off in a month. I think I should have brought my Rapha time trial bike....usually I only use it for the Triathalon season, but I would have broken it out for this.

My time trial bike, just so you know is a pair of clip on carbon bar extensions that Colin Murphy gave me a couple years ago. They make this nice crackily sound when you really lean into them... I use them one time a year. Fitchburg Stage Race. But, I'm just saying, had I know I would have brought them.

Its always something though, isn't it. New friends, old friends, adventure abounds. This is why we do this people. Right? Even the ride to the airport is bound to be an adventure.

The driver, when he stopped twitching all over the front seat, seriously I thought his face was going to explode right there. He then proceeded to pull out some elegant leather gloves (hell, they could have been Rapha for all I know) and after satisfying himself with a rather lengthy hair combing (the true sign of a gentleman, a comb handy at all times ) he used those delicately gloved digits to light up a cigarette.

Let it be known that I do not smoke cigarettes, but I found myself enthused to come across a man who knows what he wants and despite what may be considered a social faux-pa, he's going for it anyway. Who am I to judge anyones leisure activities anyway?

This is going to be a good trip.