020: Jarmusch

I'm usually not a big fan of posting things from other people. Yet, all last week, as we rode through the different terrains that are California we talked about Jim Jarmusch frequently. Don't know why he kept coming up, but he did. Maybe it was the desolation of the land, maybe it was the ex-cons and samurai that we were hanging out with, or even possibly the amount of coffee and cigarettes that we consumed? I can't be sure. Yet, either way, this film director was spoken of and discussed quite a bit.

Maybe its because I feel like I'm on a permanent vacation? Seriously, I've been on the move for over a month now trying to keep projects rolling. Moving.

So, here's to being on the move...

and while I'm at it...If I don't get down by law then I can ride this mystery train until my last night on earth, you know, cause otherwise I'm a dead man.