023: World Champs.

Congrats to these two:
Neils "Prince" Albert and Marianne Vos on their world championship rides. Hopefully my men on the ground, one Slate Olson M.D. and Dr. Zac Daab have some good stories and photo's to fill us in on all the action.

Molly Cameron and I met her during after the Pentage race in Luxembourg. We didn't talk too much about the upcoming World Championship races because after the Pentage race she was heading to Holland to concentrate on the 6 Day Racing circuit, which she informed me has official women's races starting this year (uh, hello is this the Dark Ages.) And not only that, but she was extra excited that they no longer allow smoking in the Velodromes there so that it could also be a pleasant experience for the Cyclists.

She was really sweet though, and her and Molly had a good time talking about everything from music selections to international travel.

So, extra special amazingness to Ms. Vos, it will be interesting to see how the rest of her season shapes up a Gold Medal in the Summer Olympics and another World Championship. Can anyone stop her reign? Doubt it.