030: Amgen Tour of California - Prologue

It is my goal to provide the best coverage that I can during the Tour of California. Yet, when I look around at other websites, they seem to be doing a pretty good job of making sure the Pro's get their glossy images pasted everywhere. So, I'm putting it to you as the reader. You're getting all this right? Or is it just PVB that looks at my site?

What do you want to see from the Tour of California?

is already snapping away unrestrained.

We can go anywhere with this people? From the best shaved legs, to the "What not to wear of Pro Cycling..." I'm talking anything here. So, if its more of Neil's star fangled booties, I'll do it. You just let me know.

The other exciting thing is that I'm testing out a few new products for people. Rapha kicked down their Leather Town Glove that I'm kind of into. They don't have the insulation to deal with the New England cold, but here in California where its just a bit brisk in the morning (ok yesterday it rained all day I admit it) they are working out rather nice.

My initial reaction is that they are going to be great. Performance wise? I can't say yet, I haven't ridden them enough, but they look great. Both times that I've taken them out for a spin, people I've been riding with have said things like "whoa, Sunday drive much?" and "whoa, you look like you should be driving a 'freshly waxed S4' with those." And frankly, that's what I like to hear.