032: Rapha Rides TOC - Episode 1

Rapha Rides TOC - Episode 1 from RAPHA on Vimeo.

The good ol boys over at Rapha put up another of the short segments that we shot while riding the TOC course. Dave Christiansen followed us and shot these segments. Really amazing stuff, just looking at the footage takes me back to the ride. Its funny how much one can actually forget about experiences like these, its good to have these visual reminders to fall back on. I especially enjoy the opening montage. Black and white with haunting music layered over the images.

There is also the Rapha Continental still photography that went up on the site at the same time. Really amazing stuff. Take a look through the photos and see if you can see where Embrocation sneaks in, just for one shot. I think its under the section titled "part one." This is a product that we are producing and will be ready to ship in the coming weeks/month.