036: Burgers in Your Jersey Pocket.

Another one of my favorite domestic cyclist has to be Mr. Horner.


Is it because he's always smiling like the Cheshire Cat? No, that's not it, but that is a bonus.

Is it because at one time or another he's been teammates with the likes of Landis, Johnson, Armstrong, and even Mark McCormack? Nope, not that either.

It's because he eats cheeseburgers.

I kid you not. Again, I'm going to refer to Armstrong's Twitter.
Fuck. I can't stay away from that thing. I snapped these photos at the Prologue, and sure enough, that night as I'm brushing up on my Twits (pun intended) I see that Armstrong has Twitter-ed Horner coming back into the team camp with an In-N-Out Burger bag filled to the brim with burgers. Animal style.

This is brimming with amazing-ness for a few reasons. One being meat. The other being that In-n-out is known for its off the menu-menu. They even make a burger called the "Flying Dutchman." And why shouldn't they? The Dutchman is two meat patties with two slices of cheese and onions. Nothing else.

Perfect cycling food.

I would put that in my jersey pocket any day of the week.
Speaking of which, have I mentioned that I really like food.

In fact, today I rode around most of the day with a roast beef sandwich in my jersey pocket. I was afraid that it was going to get cold, but then I realized that my jersey got steamy enough to kind of keep it warm for a few hours. Even the mayo, greens and caramelized onions snuggled between the toasted (hours earlier) baguette were ready to be eaten at any moment.

Does it sound like I'm on drugs? Because I'm not.

It just feels that good to be back in Cambridge.

So, thanks for that Horner.