042: Of Note.

A few quick things to note.

Embrocation Volume2.5 Cover Shot

1) anyone who missed out on the highly publicized Embrocation Volume2.5...it is back. Sort of. Our friends over at Competitive Cyclist found the copies that they had previously thought lost. Good work! If you haven't seen it, you can get one here. But do so quickly, because it is filled with references to the content contained within Volume3. Which is available for pre-order and will be here on March 23. Just in time for our release party...on the March 23.

Peter Bradshaw. Embrocation Racing.

2) I totally forgot what two was going to be. Oh yes. Embrocation Volume 3 Launch Party Release Party Extravaganza will be on March 23 at the Middlesex Lounge . There will be bikes, beer, and blood. Not to worry though, the blood is only metaphorical, it came packaged with the sweat and tears that went into producing Volume3. And if you don't think sweat and tears went into it...then there will be blood. Starring Daniel Day Lewis.

Moving on...

The weather took a turn for the worse in Boston.
That's it, I'm out of here.

I grew up in the cold, cold winters of Wisconsin and when I moved to Boston and looked at the overall temperature difference between the two states I thought. "Well, this will be a nice change. Instead of getting down to -25 degrees in the winter it only dips into the negatives maybe once or twice." Well, I'm sick of that now too.

Ok, enough ranting.

You know what is good in the snow and crappy weather?


These amazing marvels of modern technology have been keeping cyclists legs, feet and friends dry for years.

When I was out in Portland though I noticed a little bit of extra that was being put into the fender arena on cyclists bikes. Since they tend to get a little more precipitation than the rest of the country most of the people I rode with have "rain bikes." Makes sense I guess. A bike totally set up and equipped with fenders full-time. Something to turn to when the weather gets a little wet.

My buddy Ryan has a rain bike. It's a Vanilla. But that's kind of how he rocks it. High-Style. Not that I blame him either. Although, mine would probably have to be a Nashiki something to that effect...but who knows.

Another thing that I noticed about the West Coast Fender Scene (similar to a hard-core scene, but more subtle were the mud flaps attached to the bottom of the fenders. These little beauties hang down off the end of the fender and really stop the spray from going anywhere. You ride behind someone with these, like I did this past weekend and you start to notice that the water, instead of popping up and into your face, just collects and runs right back down onto the road, like it should.

Nothing on your feet.
Nothing on your back.
Nothing on your compatriots.

Which is why we here at Embrocation Cycling Journal decided to pull these little beauties together and offer them to you fine cycling people out there. Take a look at the "buy" section of the website. You may notice a few other exciting things popping up there...