053: Belgium — Part Two: Entry Three

Dear Zac,
This shot is just for you. For you alone.
The first time that I was in Belgium with Molly we tried our damnedest to find Mr. Vandenbroucke's Supportersclub. We wanted to prove to you that we knew which way was up.

We couldn't do it.

No matter how we scoured the city of Oudenaarde we couldn't find it.
We repeated the word Vandenbroucke in every which way we could, only to be met with the blank stares of the people of Belgium. Who, on a whole, are very good at this blank stare scenario.

This time was different. Only in the sense that while lost and wandering around actually looking for the town of Oudenaarde I saw something that caught my eye. It was the sign that you see above. Speeding by on a bicycle isn't the best way to really take something in, so for a moment I thought I was crazy in thinking that there was a handmade sign hanging above the door of a bar with someone wearing sunglasses perched atop their head. I knew who it had to be, and while risking losing my teammates of the day, I knew I had to go back.

Maybe people don't know his story Zac. Is it possible? A story so rife with scandal. Drugs. Sex (with models), more drugs, suicide attempts and an occasional bike race or two. How is it possible that a racer like this has disappeared so quickly from our hearts and minds. Should we forget Pantani just as quickly?

What shall we do about this, friend?


P.S. It is also interesting to note that our good friend Radio Freddy attached the photo to the very first post on BKW.