055: Belgium — Part Two: More Fried Meat...

I'm from Wisconsin. That is no secret. In fact, I'm pretty proud of that fact. I like Wisco foods too. Cheese and lots of it. Meats of any sort, yes please.

I also grew up on a healthy diet of fried foods. From the fried dough and corndogs at the Grant County Fair to the ever progressive fried Twinkies at the Wisconsin State Fair. I have tried it all, I'm not ashamed. French Fries, also a big fan. I like them fried "extra crispy" and with lots of Mayo.

My arteries may clog at some point causing me to drop dead in the middle of the street. Until then I'm just going to keep at it.

Yet, I feel like I may have met my match in Belgium. I don't know if I've eaten a meal since arriving that doesn't have some sort of fried food in it. Here's a little sample for your viewing pleasure. Walk into this fry-up shop and just choose what you'd like from the case and they turn around, drop it in oil, and a few minutes later...

Eat up Bill, there's more where that came from.

Heaven on a stick. Between bacon, with mayo dripping down the sides.

One would think that with all this beer and fried food that Belgium wouldn't be churning out some of the worlds greatest cyclists like they do.

Or maybe I just need to eat more of it to make it start working?