067: Will Wolverine Ever Stop Screaming?

It has rained nearly every day that I've been here in Portland.

I kind of like it. It stops after about 15-20 minutes and has apparently been harder than usual. But that doesn't concern me as the weather has generally been pleasant.

Molly and I are back to hanging out. Somehow, and it didn't think that this would be possible, but it feels like we are back in Belgium. In fact right now, at this moment, we are sitting next to each other on her couch. Surfing the internet, looking at bike racing, talking about cyclocross (and Wolverine, Colossus, and Kitty Pride.)

Plotting. Scheming.

And the in between times are filled with bicycle riding...

Went to a City-Club of Portland meeting the other day. The dignitaries there talked about bicycles and their relation to this city. Local frame builders showed up to display their creations. Don't touch the food, just stand there.

The talk of an upcoming cyclocross season tends to filter into our everyday conversation. We then head to a bar-b-q with a local bike related company and play some vicious games of Ping-Pong with the local street-tuffs. I got stomped I admit it.

All in all, I've got no complaints...

So, I leave you with a few interesting links from the heart of the Interwebs:

1) Mr. Quirk put up an interesting Post on the What's New section of Competitive Cyclist. Gosh, sir, you're making me blush. See the last few sections of the post. Wait until you see what I've got cooked up for the Giro. It starts with an IRA and ends with a RYAN. Might happen. Might not. We shall see...

2) R. Vandermark is at it as well. Full on blush fest. Only this time I snorted out loud. A comparison with Eddy Merckx. Thanks Rob. I do have to say that I'll miss stopping by and chatting over at Seven. The bike that they made is for...

3) Rapha Continental and we're at it again. Check back frequently on this Road Journal. Some of the best dudes I've ever ridden with are out there slugging their way from Te-has...Keep at it Greg, Ryan, Rubi and the rest of the gang... I'll be seeing you shortly.