082: Our Man Fran: Two Videos

I don't know if you, dearest readers, remember our good friend Steve Francisco? Well, Fran and I got to spend a lot of time on the road recently. While on this crazy adventure across the country I noticed a good number of things about our man Fran.

1) he calls his wife and kids everyday and talks about them non-stop. In fact, Ben and I took to calling him Worlds Greatest Dad from the back of the van. He even had a special space-age hook up for his laptop that would let him skype from the road. The Future?

1.5) he rides a sweet Seven. And a sweet Giant for that matter.

2) Steve runs the shit over at JDK. And while those fools may make fun of him behind his back for shaving his legs, drinking coffee, and then prancing around in the "spando" or "dex." But they obviously haven't had their legs literally torn off by him. I have. It hurts. Especially when he turns on you with said legs and pummels you about the head and neck with them...but that's another story...

3) The best part about Franny is that he knows what's up with the PROgram.

I have two videos for you that are examples of this. The first one, and I argue the more important of the two, is about the application of embrocation. The thing that stands out for me here is his actual application PROcess. Pay heed that his choice of embrocation can be found at the Embrocation Cycling Journal Store. I use the video below to not only illustrate the techniques, but also to let you know that next to the Russian Tea, this is my favorite Mad Alchemy product.**

Video #1

-start with the sunblock. SPF4 works good. I guess. If you want some pro tan lines. Which I think you do.
-cover legs lightly with a smattering of embrocation. think: cat's tongue gently licking at your extremities.
-work it in to your legs, massage any areas that might be tender or sore from your previous days riding.

Video #2
The PRO way to utilize the vents in your helmet.

Couple Things to note:
-Glasses go on the outside of the helmet straps. Justin Spinelli told this to me over and over the last time I rode with him. I don't know what it is, but I can't do it. They have to go on the inside or it just doesn't feel right. Just sayin.

- Would also like to note the Icehouse Football in the background. You only get to see it for a second or two, but damn if it isn't worth it. Yes, we were in West Virginia.

Thanks to Steve for his help with these videos.

** But the embrocation is almost as good as the stuff we just teamed up to create. Wait for it. Seriously its that good.