101: True (Mango) Love.

I know that this looks like "fat siphoned out of Marlon Brando's Ass" (name that movie quote) but it isn't. In fact, I don't think that they'll let you take that on a plane. Or maybe they would if it was within the 3.6oz limit. What's in that plastic bag is actually is Mango Love siphoned out of James Selman's jar of Embrocation. At the airport.

James is at the Airport with Carey SH and they're on their way to the last leg of the Rapha Continental summer tour 09. Its almost as big as Wolfmother releasing a new album only in Australia and then touring (only in Australia). That's how exclusive this group of cyclists are.

Anyway I have to commend James for his diligence.
I wouldn't want to give up a jar of that sweet smelling sex-for-your-legs-in-a-jar either.

Who is James Selman though? That is the question of the hour. Well, lets start with this photo. Intensity is the first word that comes to mind when you look at this. At least that's what I think, and I took the photo. He was sitting right there. And he didn't blink for five whole minutes. I timed it.

Besides being intense James is also a designer. An Uber Designer if you will. The reason I chose this photo is two fold.

Fold 1) Mellow Johnny's. James was the man behind the design of the Mellow Johnny's branding. Which, if you follow bike racing at all (I don't, but if you do) you might notice that a few interesting people are behind this Mellow Johnny's scene. People like Chris Horner because you'll note that he and Levi Leipheimer wore it at the Tour of Gila. But besides that he's done some other interesting design projects as well (*cough* HUP) like being the Creative behind the Beloved Bicycle design I spoke of earlier...

Fold 2) My friend Kaiko Shimura made this hat. She made this hat for James, but it was too small, so I gave it to Erin over at Mellow Johnnys. She made it as a sort of one off tribute to Big Tex* (if you haven't seen this, its one of my favorites, but only because I wanted to be a professional basketball player). Anyway, she makes great hats (I've heard) but she's also got a lot of other irons in the fire...more on that later.

*its too deep, I have to add stars. James actually made this ad.

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