103: Endless Summer — Pubs.

Going to start titling every post with Endless Summer in an effort to never let it die. Summer that is. I'll probably even go see this movie 500 Days of Summer in tribute. And if you see me there, punch me in the balls please (I went for Zooey).

New Grizzly Bear album "Veckatimest" is awesome. Great Summer album. Just putting it out there. Way out there because as I sit in this 106 degree Portland heat I just keep listening to it over and over. Little bit of awesome, lot a bit of Beach Boys.

"Pubs" is the term that they use instead of "Publication" in the "biz." I heard it a bit when I was touring the JDK complex up in Burlington. Steve would introduce me and go "he's got that little pub Embrocation." For me instantly springing to mind thoughts of dark rooms with cold beers, complete with grizzled cross racers putting on embrocation in the back room. Maybe not what they were hoping for and probably the reason that I giggled softly whenever he did it, instead invoking more of a crazy person vibe than the necessary "pub-owner" sentiment. Whatever.

The thing is, I really like printed publications. Any and all. Trashy? Fine by me. Arty, well that's cool too. Velonews, not so much, but nice try. Actually there is a Velonews on my desk right now, but its buried underneath Tokion, the last two Wired (one with B. Pitt is great), Wallpaper*, Dwell, Road Bike Action and a little Australian pub called Ride Cycle Review. It is pretty good.

I to tend to lean towards the arty side of things though. Things like:

1. Glory Days - Pascal Alexander sent me this little beauty all the way from Zurich. I'm really into it and the photography and presentation is out of this world. I'm thinking that the other reason why I like it is because there is so much mystery surrounding it. Who are these riders? Where did these images come from? Why is Pascal Alexander so awesome? I want answers people.

I said I want answers!

2. Karen Magazine. - Karen puts out this pub herself. See I'm adept at using that word. She takes all the photos and does the layout herself. When I was doing research for Embrocation Volume One I came across this book somewhere else...and spent weeks scouring Boston for a copy. What a Bonehead! You can't get it in Boston, because it is exclusive and as the price on the cover says "Priceless." You go Karen! (yeah I said that) There are some stories in it that are really good and fit the tagline "A magazine made out of the ordinary." There is a story about a neighborhood Mole Catcher that is really nice. I support.

The magazine has a really nice feel to it too. "Mouthfeel" they say if you're talking about a wine. "Handfeel" I say when I'm holding something nice. The book has a nice "handfeel."

3. Monocle - Now you might be thinking that Monocle is out of place here. If you know of it that is, I didn't until recently. But I do now and I love it. I love it like you love the really rich kid at your school that lets you borrow his car for no good reason. Never run into one of these kids, but if I did, and I was friends with him and I was back in school, I bet he would read Monocle. I think that I also like Monocle because its name is really pretentiois. Pretentious in a way that is sort of assuming. Because they say that they cover Global Affairs. If "Global Affairs" are spendy shoes and boats, well then yes, they do cover global affairs.

Monocle also offers kindly suggestions to nations on the decline as well. They spend one whole issue sorting out the affairs of Iceland, or at least offering suggestions. Good on!

"The Perfect City Block"
Thanks Monocle! This is one of the cool things about this publication. Not only does it use a variety of stocks within, but it also has foldouts illustrating in cool ways things like "the perfect city block." The design and representation of Monocle is fucking flawless. Something to strive for really!

So, that's it I guess.
For the moment.

But if you happen upon a cool publication. Something about cycling? Maybe? Maybe its something about nothing in particular but it looks good. Well, then I want to see it. Maybe it is a pub that just feels good? Well, then I want to feel it. Or maybe it is just plain good?

Any way you slice it. If its paper and its good.
I'm into it.