110: Oh the Humanity.

(Look at above photo while you read this next part. Maybe print and hold it above your computer for desired effect.)

Humanity versus Humility. Who wins? The robots. That is who wins. Haven't you seen Terminator Salvation? Shit people, the robots always win. Know why? No emotion.

That is part of a larger debate than I'm willing to go into at this moment. Instead I'm forced to just slog on ahead, doing only what I know to be true. But, why is that always the hardest?

We do this because we like to ride bikes right? And I absolutely love to ride this bike. It has my name on the top tube. Which really means I love it. There are others out there that look like it, but none of them are mine.

Volume 4 should be to you shortly. I'm counting down the days at this point. Can't wait to see what it looks like. The humanity. Can't wait to see where I can improve. The humility. Is there in fact anything else happening in the world at the moment? Besides a buildup to cross that is.

Went and helped out Molly* and Russell with their weekly Cyclocross Skills Clinic. It was nice. I even put some new white bar tape on my Igleheart Cyclocross bike. Don't look too too closely at the photos though, because I suspect you'll see some dirt from last year's Ice Weasel Cometh race that Crossresults.com put on. And that was last year.

Also, here's a nice shot of the "Cross" Fire by Ridley. After Steven's little pronounciation blunder (you people don't let us get away with anything do you?) it was a much debated subject. After I told Steven that the masses were decidedly upset at his calling the bike an "X" Fire instead of "Cross" Fire he pointed out "well, if Ridley wanted it to be called "Cross" wouldn't they have rotated it a bit, made that symbol, well, more like a Cross than an X? Just a thought." And these, friends are the hotly contested items of the day.

*this blog post contains no mention of Steven Beardsley.