138: Get into the Orange Jumpsuit.

Can I say that Dylan and I have had some great adventures already this Cross season? (see above) Remember when we rode our bikes behind the Motocross bike with Joe? Or how about the time you hung out with your "bros" during Cross Vegas? Or even when you made sweet sweet love to The Grail and then put your...nevermind that is definitely gross.

However, there are times when I feel like I am dropping the ball. When it has slipped out of my grasp and I can no longer control it.

I played high school football for one year, freshman. Aside from being some sort of a human punching bag I was on the kickoff team and a wide receiver. These are the positions where they put people who are no good at football (we are not talking NFL we are talking high school.)

In any case sometimes, just sometimes they throw the ball to a high school receiver and you better be ready. Me, I was always ready because I knew that if they threw that ball to me* that I better catch it and then run like hell. Otherwise 5 guys that were twice the size of me would be grinding me into the ground, snapping my frail bones like the twigs that they were (are.)

Well, that is what I feel like right now. That the ball is there, in the air, spiraling towards me, and all I have to do is catch it and run with it. You know, before I get smashed into the open arms of an aluminum bleacher. But, what is the ball you might be asking yourself?


And by that I mean I did not know whether to start with the half naked girl who talks about Bob Roll and tries to pronounce the word "Rapha" which I was pointing to off-screen on my Pink T-shirt, or to start with Bob Roll himself. In his own words.

There is a lot going on here as well. Bob is wearing a crank brothers hat. A pair of Gucci-Gucci glasses (its Gucci's Gucci line) and carrying around some pretty sweet publications. I say publications with an "s" because as we were chatting he was handed a copy of Women's Cycling Magazine. (This appears again in another video, later) But as you can see there, he also has a sweet little edition of Volume 4.

And not only is that happening, but Mr. Roll tells us all what to do if we ever encounter Jailtime while in cycling clothing.

Play a fun game with me. Type "Bob Roll" in to a Google Image Search. These were some of the first few that came up.

Amazing stuff you have just seen there. I tell you what though. I was pretty bummed that Bob could not make it to our party. That is definitely who I want to be hanging out with when I am at Interbike next year. In fact, we are not having a party for the Spirit of Cycling next year. We are having a party for Bob Roll.

And do not let Joe Parkin (click the link to read him talking about 'style' on the bike) off the hook either, he is in two of the above four photos. More on him later as I had the pleasure of hearing him speak last Friday night. This is a photo from that night. I honestly had a hard time focusing on Mr. Parkin though as Josh Creem was there dishing out delishious waffles.

My stomach thanks you for that.

*I did have some pretty awesome accolades that year. Aside from getting the first tackle of the season (purely accidental I could not see a thing) I was also 100% for my catches. Both of them. Lackluster I think is the term.