165: Tim's Bike and Preview of things to come.

This weekend is the big dance, and as I prep to head out into the frozen winterland that is Bend (can we please do this in Hawaii or Arizona in two?) I thought I would give you a little look at Tim Johnson's dance partner. When we went for our ride last Friday while my friends distracted him with donuts and conversation Jeff Curtes (check that out) and I snuck off to snap some photos of his Cannondale CAAD9.

Jeff shot the photos that appeared here on the Rapha Blog.

Jeff and I both remarked out loud that we thought it was interesting that Cannondale has not supplied Mr. Johnson (my 5th grade band teacher) with a Carbon Frame. Not that it really matters at this point. With the full Red group, XTR pedals, and ZIPP race wheels (not pictured) the bike is light as can be. Some nice personal touches with the custom T Johnson frame decal and the "Team Issue" ZIPP clincher wheelset.

These Ellie Mae Duro tires looked to be the best choice for the day though. Mostly road riding to get to Forest Park and then a little bit of off-road dirt and gravel. Never seen these before but they looked nice with their directional tread and tough looking sidewall. The funny thing about them, if you dig through the Duro Website is that they do make a ton of tires. Even ones for Golf Cars. Do they not call them Golf Carts in Georgia? I do like the Green TRP's though.

Lets wrap it up with a few sponsor shots. Stu Thorne, the creator and owner of Cyclocrossworld.com is the man behind the man in this case. He puts together all of Johnson's bikes and makes sure that the tyres are well glued and aquasealed up, ready for action. With a well documented and storied history in not only the New England scene, but Cross in general the two seem perfect for each other. Or is it because their both from the North Shore? Control Tech provides the steering support and Cannondale, the bikes.

What would you call this bike? It is not decked out as some superfly race machine. Although it is undeniably a race machine. We do not see the overly Gucci components and the totally decked out rig that a. you would expect, or b. we have come to associate with being a Professional cyclist. Possibly, that lends itself more to Johnson's Working Class Hero persona than some of the other bicycles that are on the Pro Circuit.

Either way, this weekend will be the showdown of all showdowns, right?

Will Powers be able to ride support for Johnson? Even if it comes down to having to settle? That would be the right way to go right? Will Cyclocrossworld be able to hold on to the rising star for next year? Will Chris Jones be able to sneak away on the frozen Tundra? As we have seen he does really well when the conditions make for a fast race.

Molly Cameron has also been known to slip and slide through rough conditions and although she did not have the best races out here at the USGP her form has been continually rising throughout the season. Besides, look at how she slipped and slid in this video where she bested some of the worlds premiere Cross racers.

Could be a game for anyone at this point. Yikes.