174: The Year in Review

BQ over at Competitive Cyclist did his awards in two parts. So, I figured that I should put out the Embro Awards 09. We shall see if I can keep it up, but here is the plan so far.

Each day will have a theme. Some days might be a little more loose and interpretive than others. The overall theme was taken from Trivial Pursuit in case you were wondering. I could not think of a way to break it down and get everything worth mentioning in there, so I went with theirs.

Monday - Geography (blue)
I have had the great fortune of riding in a few different spots this past year. Everywhere from the UK to the middle of no where Georgia. Which place came out on top? Where was the best climb? What happens when your friend suddenly slams on the brakes and turns directly in front of you? (Best Crash)

Tuesday - Entertainment (pink)
This comes in all forms these days. Websites, magazines, and events are all entertaining, that is true. But so are Cyclocross races and Cyclocross Racers for that matter. People who get angry on the internet (and in person) are also entertaining. FYI. So, entertainment it is.

Wednesday - History (yellow)
Pretty self explanitory (or is it?). We learn from our past right? That is what everyone is trying to say about HisStory anyway. Michael Jackson learned from his. Photography is also a good way of looking at history. I learned something about Cycling History this year. I hope. Also Ira and I are going to try to sneak in a little hundred miler this day, so go easy on me.

Thursday - Arts and Literature (brown)
There are some pretty great publications dedicated to the Cycling world these days. I will attempt to wax intellectual about a few of them. And artwork can be fun as well.

Friday - Science and Nature (green)
Ahh. What have you cooked up in your laboritory? There is so much tech that goes into every piece of the bicycle that I would not know where to start. So I am just highlighting a few things in the Science Department. And Nature? Well, that will be good too. We are going au natural for that one.

Saturday - Sports and Leisure (orange)
Do you really think that I am going to make it this far? I certainly hope so. The best of the rest. Sports and Leisure. How do these two things get lumped together? Maybe it should be Sport and Leisure for our English friends. Or Maths and English (I love how they say "Maths" it is so fucking cute.)

Really though, this Embro Awards is somewhat of a test for myself. Their seems to be a certain bicycle show just on the horizon and I am not going to lie. I am excited about it this year for a number of reasons. One of them being that I am going.

I guess check back later today to see what happens in the Geography sector.