176: The Year in Review: Entertainment


Entertainment can mean a lot of things. A lot of different things to a lot of different people. For me it usually amounts to laughs. Laughs are pretty hard to come bike in the cycling arena though, trust me. Do you know someone who puts on their "dex" to go out and ride no matter what the temperatures? Someone who logs hundreds of miles on a trainer through the winter just to get ahead? Chances are they are not laughing when they do it.

So, even though I do find plenty of things in the cycling world plenty funny, I usually turn elsewhere for humor and entertainment. However there are a few places that I turn to for entertainment on a regular basis. And most of these things happen to be websites. Brendan Quirk already named his best blog of the year with La Gazetta Della Bici. Which is pretty great.

I like to mix up my blog reading. I spread my time evenly between bicycles, humor, awesomeness, bikes, design, and of course porno. But I do not think that I have the time or space to go into all of these right here. So, I'll just give you what I can.


Competitive Cyclist - What's New

This is a great journal that chronicles the story of BQ over at Competitive. His humorous insights into the cycling industry make up a good portion of the posts, but what is even more interesting are the personal anecdotes that fill in the spaces in between. To be able to look at one person who built an operation like Competitve from the ground up, and from working at bicycle shops, I will always have a soft spot for that viewpoint. Especially when everything is as transparent as it is.

Wonder what it would be like on a bi-weekly basis and with a better format (you can integrate photos into blogs now-its crazy)? The other thing about Quirk is that he started calling for better journalism in Cycling early last year. I am curious if the cycling world has lived up to his expectations.

Independent Fabrication

Headed up by Tyler over at IF this is the best blog around that says "Here's what we're doing" and also a bunch of other cool stuff. I really do not know how Tyler finds the time to weld amazing bikes, shoot photos of all of them once their built, come up with new ideas and art shows, and update this blog. Good on you as they say.

Eddy Merkin Cycling Related Team

Trackosaurus Rex

Here is a little story about Trackosaurus. When I went to South America a couple years ago. Has it been four already? I looked up every Velodromo I could. (That is how you say Velodrome in Spanish in case you were wondering). Well, I took some photos at a Velodrome in Montevideo, Uruagay which turned out to be named after my friend Natalia's great grandfather, or something like that. In any case, I put them up on my blog at the time. When I returned to the states my friend Scott rang me up and said, hey man, I have been looking at this kick ass bicycle related website (maybe we didn't know what blogs were then?) and these look like your photos of the velodrome. Sure enough they were, and that was the first time I saw Trackosaurus. Good stuff.


La Clique - London Hippodome

I have had some pretty embarrasing moments in my life let alone this past year. There was the time that my pants came down on the waterslide (true story), or the fart on the gym mat (also true) but those are in the past, now we are just dealing with this past year.

My friend took me to see this show last January. Pretty spectacular. Take a look at the video here and you will get some idea of the extent of the proximity of the performers to the audience. Well, I was sitting in one of the chairs nearest to the stage, and let me tell you, all of the performances are not as tame as this one. In fact, one of the ladies even removed her clothing while dancing and telling jokes. She whipped the crowd into a frenzy. Laughing and gasping all the same. And while she was doing this she took a hankerchief from someone in the crowd and put it in her nether region. The embarrasing part happened when she spun around the room and stopped right next to me. Cue spotlight. Lets just say that what happened next ammounted to her removing said hankie and waving it a few times in my face. I was, in the words of a 15 year old girl — Mortified.

Confusing a bicycle shop owners daughter for another bike shop owners wife. She was 15 and I'm quite sure — Mortified. Like me.

There is too much to tackle in the way of Entertainment, really. All of this is entertainment isn't it? Fuck it. I'm off to the movies.