183: A Few Things

Just going to jump right into this one.

1) Chris Milliman's photos are showing at Bloc 11 Cafe in Sommerville. Go see this, if you are into that sort of thing. Here are a few shots from the show, but it looks to be a doozy. In a good way. I incorrectly guessed some of the style of photographs and was quickly and justly corrected by Mr. Milliman himself.

"No, dude, those are original 4x5 Polaroids, shot with a Speedgraphic press camera and Pola back. One of a kind originals! One-of-one. There's even a selection of 5 CX 4x5 Polaroids I shot in belgium, they're in the back hall...they're f-in dope."

I guess that is more than you can hope for in an artists statment. Intrigue, exclusivity, and even a bit of technology. Head over to check out his photos as they will be up for the remainder of January and the whole month of February. Maybe get a coffee while you are there. If you really want to plan in advance you can follow them on Twitter where they put up their lunch specials daily.

Only, before you go, be aware that I believe (since I haven't actually seen the show yet) that these photos are a selection of Chris' travel photography. While there may be an odd cycling photo or two, the focus of the show is really more about travel.

2) Mo Bruno-Roy Ultimate Super Raffle Extravaganza (January 13 — March 01)

Mo is going to the World Championships. She and Matt are headed over there right now. Here is the only shot that I got of her racing when she was at the USGP here in Portland. Now, the thing is, Matt and Mo (which together make up MM Racing) have to foot the bill for this trip themselves. I know, great deal huh? "You made the Worlds Team, now here's you're bill." To make up some of said bill they have put together a sweet little raffle that includes a custom Seven Cycles frame. Not too shabby. Check it out here in BikeReg.

While you are at it though, do not feel too bad for all that money that USA Cycling could have put towards their worlds selections, because it was instead diverted to their CX Juniors program...hmm. Rad Racing anyone?


4) Washingmachinepost in general.

brian just did a nice little interview with Dan Sharp over on the site. But while you are there you might do well to check out a few of the other things that he has going on. Things like..oh, I don't know A FREAKING CIELO bicycle turned up at his door for him to check out. Not a big deal, just another day at the office. But, speaking of Cielo I was so lucky as to get inside and take a sneak peak at these good looking bikes the other day. Check that out here.

5) The Rapha Continental Rides: Blue Mound

The rides that we did this summer are going up in full now. We posted just a little snip earlier this summer (or we tried to) and now the full ride is going up. There is a little write up each week as well as a photo story to accompany. The photos have been pretty damn spectacular, as we didn't get to see them as they happened.

The first photo in the series there kind of cracks me up because it looks like Piers is actually half choking on something. But the truth of the matter is that he is probably doing a pretty good job of cracking everyone else at the table up. Those brits and their sense of humor.

Ok, that is all for now. Now go find something else cool on the internet. Or, help a teen you know unlock the Secrets of The Teen Ninja Mystery.