194: Rad Dad.

It is 1:21 am. And I just had to tell you something. I am thinking that NAHBS is going to be awesome this year. I know, I know, I say this every year. But I have to say that I was not as psyched about it until right now. At 1:22 I got psyched about it.

Head down, focus on forward. Yeah, that is all well and good up until a certain point. Then, you just have to sit back and roll with it. Or something to that effect. I think my dad said that once. Its better to be lucky than to be good. But go ahead and make your own luck. That's fair right?

Happy Birthday Day Dad and Grandpa (same day, weird?)

I know it is a day early (it's the 18th), but I just wanted to get it out there.

While I was home (where is home anyway these days?) I shot some photos of my dad's workshop. This is applicable for a couple reasons. One of them is because it is about to be my dads birthday. And another is because he has always had a rad workshop. Rad Dad. Rad Workshop.

Sometimes it was robots, sometimes it was just computers with no robots, sometimes it was photo emulsifiers, woodshop was always there as well. Small engines was another class that he taught. Lots of books, lots of manuals, lots of knowledge. How does one person keep all that knowledge straight in their brain? I'll never know.

Maybe it is by keeping such a tight Workshop?

One thing is certain that you will gleam from these photos. My father is a sporting man. And I like that. (and the fly swatter does say Join our "Swat" team.)