199: SNAHBS Friday Awards. Not the Real Awards.

I was actually really surprised at the outcome of the Actual Awards (this isn't it, they will come later.) But that is pretty much how my life goes. I think it will go one way and it ends up working itself out in an entirely different direction. I would think that Liz Hatch (from watching her Twitter - total follower) would have a whitty and insightful quote to insert right here. But I am not her, no matter how much I may try.

So, Awards aside, I saw a lot of funny and interesting things at the show, some related to bikes, some not so much. Wait, so I take that back, not Awards aside. I will get to the bikes later.


#1: The Not A Stoner But Has A Hard Time Convincing People Otherwise Award

This one is going to have to go to Rich Bravo. I mean, take a look at the photo above. I tried to take the photo twice and let me tell you this is the better of the two. Of course the huge doobie in the foreground (of the other one) did not help much. Kidding, I'm kidding. But Rich was pretty stoked out to get ahold of one of these Columbus stickers from Lodovico.

#2: Hairstyle Matches Own Logo Award.

I think that Erik was the first official friend that I made at the San Jose NAHBS a few years ago. We became friends at the bar (surprise.) And god damn if this is not one open and honest man. I love you for that Erik, I love you like one man loves another in a non homosexual way. By hugging openly in public a lot, and hi-fiving even more. In fact if you are not at every SNAHBS Show that happens from here on out I will cry one tear and then party the place to the ground in your honor. Erik also painted a disk wheel with a rape scene on it one year. And caught a lot of flack for it. Well fuuuuck that I say paint whatever the hell you want on it, its your disc wheel after all. I heard that there was some talk of banning him because of this. Anyway, I am not trying to bring up some old dirt, just pointing out that I like the fact that Erik is just going to do exactly what he wants.

#3. I Found Little Bobby's Backpack Award.

Yes, yes you did. And thanks for standing there while I took 40 photos of the damn thing. How amazing is this? I want one. And there could not, hands down, be a nerdier cyclist to properly convey the backpack theme. Myerson could give it a go, but it would have to be a Boston Redsox themed one, and Molly would kill it with a Hello Kitty Custom one, but I think that simplicity wins out with this one.

#4. I Will Not Talk To Anyone Till KBK is Over Award.

I witnessed Slate tell more than a few people that he would not talk to them about anything until the final 5k of Kuurne -Bruxelle -Kuurne was completed. In this case Steven Bilenky was the target of his wrath. It was short lived however, because Slate then rallied the troops and everyone within earshot found themselves cheering for someone they knew nothing about - Bobbie Traksel. Well, they do now. Hopefully.

#5. Best Use Of The iPhone Award

This is Slate's iPhone. As we were walking in to the hotel on Sunday night he said, "Whoa, Darrio just confirmed me as his friend on Facebook." And there he was. So, we promptly went over and told him about it, hoping for a great laugh together as newfound friends. He did not know what we were talking about, so we had a good laugh about it and became better friends. In other news I was very glad to see that "Slate Olson" was not one of his Google Alerts.

#6. Brand Most Likely From Portland Based on their Products.

It is cool. Now Molly can eat their cutting oil. Which is vegan by the way. Their hubs and headsets are too. Annodizing is what you do to those big ear pluggy things and we all know that they are safe for vegans, so, gobble gobble. I heard that there are less pawls (get it Les Pauls - nevermind) in some of their hubs this year as well. Something about not angering bees as much. (just roll with it, its funny for me.) Look for my returning series of Tweets called "That's SOOOO Portland" it may include things along this hippy related topic.

#7. Best Shark Related Cycling Cap Award

No idea who this guy is or who he works for (total lie) but I really liked his hat. Jay Sycip somehow managed to stay out of this photo, but for quite some time they were wrestling for possession of this hat. Its wearer is granted special hub polishing properties and I think that Jay was trying to win them over for CK. No big deal, he lost.

#8. Best Bellhop that Posed as a Framebuilder Award

Speaking of Jay Sycip here is his brother Jeremy pretending to be a bellhop. Who knows what is going on here, but damn if he does not look official. I like this guy. Know why? Because he (and his father) have prototype Nike's. I guess I am not "Prototype Size" which I am sure is something small, petite and not very manly, but I am still jealous.

#9. Best Shave Job Award and Most Handsome Man (tie)

This is Lex from Villin Cycles. He got best psyche out for shaving his beard. I have a video that I shot of his beard from last year. Just his beard. I will have to dig that one up for you because it is pretty awesome and has not seen the light of day yet. Lex would also go on my list of people that are awesome (with Erik and Jeremy) so there is a sub list for you. Plus, someone actually voted Lex's shaven chin "Best Promotional Materials" on the Embro Awards. Not sure how many votes that got, but it definitely made me laugh. If you are wondering what I am talking about, check out Dan Action's photos of Lex HERE.

I think that this s all that I have for you. There are much more that would and will be good to get up here, but they are all stuck in the purgatory between phone and computer. Some day we will get to see what Kyle from Trackosaurus looks like, but not today friends, not today.