232: Play is Good.

Tabor tonight was fun. Really fun, even though it hurt. Maybe especially because it hurt.

Anyway, I found this video whilst digging back through Backyard Blam tonight. I really do love this blog and that outlook of its creator - Amanda. Her humor seriously warms my heart in the nerdiest of nerdy ways. Plus, she recently gifted me not only a matching set of glasses (but in brown) but also a Backyard Blam T-shirt that I am thinking you might be seeing soon (on me, and not anywhere else - I choose to believe that this shirt is so rare as to be considered a "one off.") So, keep your eyes peeled for that one.

I want this. At first I did not. I poo pooed it. I am not going to lie to you. But, the more I think about it. The more I think it has something to do with the model and the legwarmers and all the dark on the lower half. Just being honest here. But, I've changed my mind and now I want it. It looks hot (as in Super Cool) and now I want one. Curses. And I cannot wait to see the inclusion of the Tourmalet back into the TDF this year. Schlecks Schlecks! You can do it. I think this also has something to do with why I am all of a sudden psyched about this jersey.

The other thing that I want. Since we are on the subject of clothing and wanting at the moment -- Is something from Howies. Anything will do really when it comes down to it. They just do their clothing so well. It is like a hip, functional Patagonia. But better looking. However, with that being said, word on the street (and I have an inside man everywhere) is that the fall Patagonia line is going to blow your crampons right off. Just sayin.

The other reason I am into Howies these days is (not because I heard two really nice stories about their company and how they treat people) but because they produce such great printed materials. When I was lingering around Mr. Strickland's office I picked up one of their little mini-catalog's to thumb through, turns out it was just a little side project book about all of the cool spots that they had been whilst shooting their actual catalog. Why do more companies not do stuff like this? This is what the people (ie - me) want to see. Have a look see.

I got thinking about this one again because of the Embrocation 2.5 that came up the other day. I like these small little nuggets. Little awesome packets of the joy that it took to produce them. I think that there might be a 6.5 in the future. Or something to that effect.