234: Union Foundry.

This Union Foundry stuff is so cool. I'm not going to lie.

I feel really honored that they decided to include me in their pre-release. Please do not let the postmaster gods ever think I'm anything but stoked about everything. But, the truthiness of the matter is this: I do not have a track bike at the moment...therefor I do not know if I can be the best judge of this product.

Fear not, I have indeed found the perfect testing grounds for this new tool.

I think that I have figured a way to put is warp speed like precision to work. (No one actually says "warp speed like precision." Promise, just made that up.) Check out the video, which our pal Stebs made and then we are going to get back on this in a minute.

In the meantime, Tyler over at Independent Fabrication has a little bit more for you.