238: Wayward Motorhomes

It is official. That just happened. Garrett Chow and total MASH-er just emailed me to let me know that this bad boy just dropped. Or is about to drop, or however the hips and hops happen, this is it. I showed this to my roommate Steven Hunter and it is possible that he lost his mind a little bit. Maybe not officially, or outwardly, but he definitely wanted to. And I can just about hear Rich Bravo and Whit Yost clamoring for their credit cards on this one.

Artoo from Hypebeast covered it too.

Speaking of Rich Bravo apparently this is what happens when you forget your new (and I might add custom colourway-ed) Oakley's at his apartment in Chelsea. This gives Rich the full on right to literally molest my glasses though different parts of that tiny island that we like to call Manhattan. And I have to say, if there is one way to do it, it is this... However, I am not going to lie, I like you and all Rich, but you could not have gotten ANY cute girls to model them? Or homeless? I mean, come on man, take it to the extreme. Although, just the simple fact that you got them that close to the flowing mane of that hairdresser (yours??) gives you a few much needed style points.

Now, Um, can I get those back?

The thing to note is that Bravo dressed appropriately (as always) in an Embrocation Luchador T-shirt. Which, always makes me happy. Now, if only I could get him to model the DOPE one, those could also start flying off the proverbial shelves. I promise, it is not a comment on cycling. Or is it? The other thing that I really liked about Rich's exploits with eyewear was that he kept on calling them the "Wayward Lenses." Now if that is not someone who studied 'the Classics' then I do not know what defines these people...

And Spriggs. He got Mike Spriggs and Andrew Crooks in on it. Bastards!