Places: Salt & Straw, Communion, Beam & Anchor

Salt and Straw - Ice Cream & Bakery
838 NW 23rd Avenue 

Not sure what I could tell you about this place that you don't already know. Right? Everyone is talking about it. Think arTEASEinal ice cream and you will be close to home. Emphasis on the tease. Aside from flavors like Honey Balsamic with Cracked Pepper, Arbequina Olive Oil, and Blueberry with Key Lime Marmalade, they do a monthly collaboration with a local chef, this month's version - Beast. Seriously, I'm only sure of about 3 of those ingredients but people rave about this place.

On a ride with a few people recently we passed their newly opened 23rd street "scoop shop" and bakery. The brakes were applied rather quickly and that was the last that we saw of that crew. 

The thing I like about them is that they are willing to work with you. Not like some places that give you a list of what they do and trying to stick to what is being offered. Besides, who doesn't want to feel like they have walked into a new place and invented something totally spectacular? Which I totally did. J. Dunn Rootshake. Go get one. Ask for it by name. What?

*Diamond's: Cute, friendly staff that is willing to go the extra mile for you. They had suggestions, favorites and even stepped into where we were waiting in line to discuss with us. Also, I like whipped cream. 

Dildo's: This whole reclaimed wood business is getting old. Even if it looks good it still looks a bit fake. Because I know you haven't been there for 300 years wearing in that shelving. Still, it looks good. 

Communion x Poler - opening party
3556 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Communion is the new spot that used to be Local35 (which is now something a bit classed up with the name Machus). A few weekends ago they stayed open late to announce their arrival to the world through a CampVibes inspired Poler party. Our friend Lucy made some s'mores on a stick and pigs in a blanket. Can't really do much better than that. Although, I am still not sure what is in the paper cups. Jello-shots?

It looks great, a bit more spacious than Local35 with not as much product on display everywhere (this is a good thing) but it was great to find Benji's new collection out in the wild for all to see. It is hard when the only thing that you have to go off of is the internet (who am I kidding, the photos on the Poler site always look fucking fantastic.)But, Communion will work great and do well to seek out some of these more interesting brands and give them a spot to shine instead of resorting to your usual old RVCA outlet store. Can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves.

Diamond's: Dawn smoking cigarette in the Poler Camp Vibes mesh backed hat. See Above. (Like you missed that.) Communion are carrying Lomolo Baggage and products. Big win! Also, Drink Water. If anyone can figure that one out let me know. But it does look like a great site. 

Dildo's: Skate/Snowboard reps and pro's wrestling with each other. But, it should go with an added note that it also sits in the Diamonds category, because, if we didn't have those guys what would we all look at and feel weird about? See what I mean?

Beam and Anchor - Shop 
2710 N Interstate Ave

Currie Person from Austin, TX (who has two other shops - Spartan Shop in Austin & Voyager in San Francisco - just to give you some background) is one of the ladies behind this new shop beneath the bridges in North Portland. The style and layout of the shop is unique to this lady and her **coterie of cool (the guys upstairs making canoes? the people fabricating leather? or possibly the one refinishing vintage furniture?) But the thing that B&A does - as a showroom/shop on the first floor - is tie all of these things together and give them not only a place to show off their wares, but one that lets them speak and then show the process behind some of the products.

You really need to see this place to believe it. 

There was also an additional bit of excitement on my part the other night when her instagram (@SpartanShop) revealed that they would now be stocking Port Magazine. One of my favorite new UK based men's fashion magazines. Then she went and outdid herself by also stocking Monster Children AND being featured in its most recent issue. No big deal. Have I mentioned that I like places that carry cool publications?

Diamond's: Love. As in Hearts. Everything in this place is solid gold. I know that sounds like a bit of a jackoff statement, but seriously. Go check it out. Awesome jewelry for your lady. Cool bottle openers with you. Interesting Japanese paper products for everyone. 

Dildo's: Not really a problem of theirs, but it makes me want to make more things when I go into this place. Everything seems to be chosen with a certain amount of simplicity in mind that is really appealing but at the same time makes me (and Lucy!) go "hey, we could make some of these." 

Side Notes: *I cannot really take credit for the Diamonds & Dildos moniker. Slate Olson — and possibly a fraternity that he was involved with at one time — are the creators of this. But, you know what. It just kind of works.

**Yes, I said that. But, it's true. I like this idea of communal work/shop spaces. Just don't kill each other over there. Or get matching tattoo's or something. That would just be weird.