New Bottles

This has been the summer of water bottles. Nearly everyone has new water bottles and they are all so damn cool. There were even a couple that were too cool to make it into this little photo sesh that I had with myself the other day (which really means I didn't get them in time.) How many water bottles can you own? Not enough apparently. Although, I must admit that I did throw out (read: recycle) no less than 27 water bottles over the course of the summer to make room for these.

Omega Pharma TACX & Mudfoot

No idea how you would get either of these if you tried. The first would be possible hanging around a feed zone or two. Maybe, get there early, just before the soigneurs show up and stake out your claim. Hang around until someone shows up and then jump them for a couple bottles. Or ask nicely? Either way, that should work. Maybe break into Levi's house and take a few, I'm sure he would never notice.

Same goes for the Mudfoot ones. They look nice. Really nice, like, maybe too fucking nice because it makes it so that you do not want to actually use them for anything. Definitely do not put them into one of those Elite cages. You know the ones that everyone had a hard on for a few years back, the aluminium ones that were sooo light. Well, they were, but they also marked up your bottles like no other.

Poler Stuff & Tenspeed Hero Les Petite Victoires 

You can get these. The Poler one is great because it has a picture of a pretty rad looking old dude on it. No word yet on who this guy actually is, or what he does, but if Benji and the gang have come up with it then a) it's something pretty great and b) we won't even know the full story until months from now. Then, he'll pop up sort of like animal-chin and reveal himself. Or something to that effect. He also looks a little bit like the most interesting man in the world from the Dos Equis beer ads. But, I'm sure that is just coincidence. Runner up: Yvon Choinard.

Les Petite Victoires is a women's race team in the Chicagoland area. Apparently Luke (see last post) and the gang went in on a case or two of these bottles for the team. Then, (presumably because they are so damn cool looking) some jerk stole the ladies case of bottles from their first race. Look for these on ebay, nay, scour for them, and then turn those jerks in. If you happen to see any red, white and blue FOCUS bikes, let me know as well.

You can get these bottles. Just email them through the Tenspeed Hero site and they'll paypal you an invoice. Promise. Tell them I sent you for an additional hi-five.

I'm not going to lie I was bummed about this photo. I thought I had done everything just right. Taken these fine bottles into a shaded, yet bright, area to photograph them. Lovingly placed them in rows based on size. Carefully turned the label (on the TACX one) so that the two together made a nice visual piece....and this is what you get. Apparently, both of these bottles are too clear. Curses! That's what I say because these are both fine-fine bottles (bidons). I like the clear Firefly one because it feels kind of squishy. Is that weird?

One big and one small on the Rapha Bidons? One for the crit and one one for after? That is if that creep that has been hanging around the feed-zone hasn't stolen yours. What? There's a feed zone at this crit? Whatever. You know what I mean.

I was so taken with the new Camelback bottles that I wanted the world to know. That was earlier this summer. "We should send these to anyone and everyone that will listen, get the teams in on them even!" That is me being excited. "Why would anyone want those crappy bottles that the Omega Pharma Quick Step Davitamon Lotto bottles anyway?" Well, here's what I learned: to be able to use in pro races these bottles have to have tops that come exploding off when you hit them with bicycle tires. Or the SRAM car (looking at you Matt Roy) It makes the racing safer. "Huh. Ok, well, I guess that makes sense." Plus, these bidon's are way too nice for your average racer, they're just going to stick them in their aluminum cages... nevermind.

I put these together because they are two of my favorite bicycle shops out there. The first is up in Seattle and the second down in LA. That's more than enough distance between the two to be able to say that they are some of my favorites (and also because it is true). I'm not sure why, but I've been hanging on to these without use as well. Seriously, I might have some kind of a condition. Might I be a hoarder? A hoar?

One word of caution to the green Camelback user — and I'll admit it is something that I did — make sure that when you're on the start line of that crit (or a mid-August Cross race where you've left your cages on [why does your frame have bottle bosses?]) make sure that you've left the nozzle in the "open" position. The liquids flow much better that way.

At this point I would shuffle you over to a few other cool cats for bottles (HSuper and Gage & Desoto - Hot Sauce! - namely) but god damn if they aren't always sold out the minute they happen. Who needs that many bottles anyway?