CX & Ethan Furniss at the Arbor Lodge

A couple weekends ago there was another Cross Crusade race. This time out at the PIR Heron Lakes. This was probably the funnest that this course has been. There were a few changes made to the course, minor ones, a turn here, a chicane there, but it turned that course into something that was really fun to race.

I stayed around afterwards to watch the Single Speed race with Billy Souphorse. It was a chance for him to test out his new camera (apparently it uploads directly to the internet) and heckle a few of our friends. Low Vis Lifestyle. LVL. For life. Its a new thing. It will probably take off sometime soon. It involves wearing mostly black, most of the time.

Dan Powell was there. Shredding.

James Wilson was there. He gave a look back and a wave-off after we heckled him a few times. Really, we were just cheering, but sometimes when you are in the heat of the moment, noise is noise and you don't like it. There was also the flyover from last years Bend races. The Poler team did a nice job of getting some air every time they went by. Landon, of course, upholding his spot at the front of the race and clearing the top of the flyover with every pass. Daniel Paisley, not so much, however he was racing a fixed gear bicycle, so there is something to be said for that.

There was also a sweet Argonaut (keep an eye on that site) single-speed cross bike. Sadly, rider and horse were both flat after one lap and were standing next to us, beer in hand, within five minutes of race start. It sucks when the relationship has to be cut short like that. Both parties leave feeling cheated.

The real star of this show, however, is this man — Ethan Furniss. Why? Because he has a lot of hair? Sort of. But, also because he is having a photography show at this very moment. Friday night, the 2nd of November will be the opening reception, so make sure that you get off your butt and come check this one out. He is a pretty damn good photographer and one that is constantly documenting whatever is happening, be it a ride, a race, or just a bunch of cool cats hanging out. One thing that I really like about Ethan is his ability to make people feel at ease when taking pictures. He wanders up, asks a question or cracks a joke all the while snapping a few photos without you even noticing. The resulting photos always looking more like they tell a narrative story than a staged photo. See below for some links...

Photography by Ethan Anders Furniss 
Celebrating my friends and neighbors who live in NOPO and share my love of bicycles. 
Opening Friday November 2nd

And while you are at it you should check out his website: EthanFurniss.com it has some back story of pulling the photos together - north portland wheelers - as well as my personal favorite - envelope art: drawings by request. So, go to the show and request some envelope drawings, because I like those a lot. 

Also, it appears that the wet Pacific Northwest weather is back, and here to stay.