Outside is [still] Free, the Zine.

We made this little zine back in February. It was a chance to celebrate the outdoors and photography, which together is a good thing.

Actually, Tyler from Pearl Velo got in touch with a couple people, myself, John 'Prolly' Watson, and Brian Vernor to name a few, and asked if we would show some photography at his wonderful shop during the North American Handmade Bicycle Show while it rolled through Denver. Good idea.

Pull the photos - and drawings of Chris McNally - together into a small zine to sell as a sort of defacto guide to the show? Great idea.

Then it came down to a name. The word adventure was kicked around a few times, but I think that was just to get the juices flowing. Then I had a thought — our man from the East, who lives in the West, Mr. Ben Lieberson has been using this hashtag #outsideisfree for bike rides, hikes, his rad dog and just about anything that would take him outdoors. Picking berries for example. Who knows if he invented the phrase, but it was definitely something that we latched on to (thanks Ben).

The theory tested especially well when it comes to the NAHBS show too, because, as it turns out, the outside of the trade show, is free. Meaning, if you go to a town where your friends live, lets take Denver, for example, and want to throw a party at their shop, you should do that, because... well, you get the picture.
The show itself was awesome. Billy took off his shirt. John's lady surprised him with a visit from Austin. We hung up some great prints. Cadence Collection founder Dustin Klein dropped in and set up some sweet art around Pearl Velo. All in all, fun was had.

Now, for the extra fun part. We still have some of these left. Like, say maybe a few of them, so our good friend/gracious host Tyler has been slowly but surely selling them off for us. You should buy one, their cheap. Maybe pick up a Pearl Velo cap while you are at it?

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A few photos from Outside is Free below. 

Also, if you're looking to publish your own zine, you should do that. We used this awesome service Newspaper Club from the UK and they delivered on time and everything was awesome.