Enormous Room Party-Time

Volume One is in the mail. Thanks to everyone out in inter-land snatching up copies, and copies for their shops.

First things first though, or last things last, as it were.
Shout out to everyone for coming to the party last night at the Enormous Room, good times were had drinks were drank, food was et, and polaroids (albeit going out of style, literally) were taken.

This is the result.

Arwen put her hotpants on.
Peter called on everyone to participate in Moustache March.
Mo danced, and danced.
Gerry made an appearance.

Its all there if you look closely.

Don't worry though, we have a few topics to report on:

-who had the best cross bike?
-has HUP really taken over?
-is Portland the new King of Bike Cities?
Tour Of California- BKW Style
-Euro Style on US Soil.
-What does "embrocation" really mean Freddy?
Rapha Continental
-Euro Style on US Soil. Of course.

Plus, there are tons of polaroids from the show.