North American Handmade Bicycle Show 2008 Warning: there is hardly anything about bicycles in this post.

Ok, now I realize that it has been a little while since the show, but I don't want to forget to enter it all in here because we had such a great time.

Portland has to be the Ireland of the West. Green grass (and it didn't even matter that it was littered with cigarette butts, thats how green it was), lots of drinking, people with funny accents, oh wait, that was us but anyway. The flight from Boston was delayed by weather, but that didn't stop us. Not one bit.

Friday: Day One.
"Industry Day" whatever that means, we did it right by setting up a seamless backdrop and with local photographers Daniel Wakefield Pasley, Dan Sharp, and Nate Armbrust. Check out their sites because they got some amazing photos of the framebuilders. These three set up the most Pro looking photo studio that I have seen in a while, and they did it in a 10x10 booth. Amazing. Look for amazing-ness to happen in Vol. 2.

I was shooting Polaroid film the whole weekend, so most of the photos I have are of our adventures out on the town. Scanning the polaroids of T.Ritchey, C. King, J. Jones and of course C. Iglheart in the next couple of days, so stay tuned for that.

What else?

Most of the after-parties were the jam. Molly's gal Autumn took Craig and I out on the town one night. She started the night by claiming "you cannot leave Portland without having a good time..." I said that we were having a good time to which she retorted "how, you just met us." I know I used quotes there, but that was pretty much how it went.

My favorite part? Trying to capture the most awkward photo's possible.
There was this guy, who was just psyched in general:

A dance off between stripes and dots: Molly Vs. Marty.Next: Voodoo to stuff our faces: Vegan doughnuts? Who knew being a vegan could be so easy? I mean, I eat meat, dine on swine if you will, but if all I had left were these doughnuts, cool.
Then "the Big Pink." I guess everyone knows this place, and it is famous for its bar way up in the sky. Just don't check out the locals from there, it is strictly forbidden. The sign says so. However we did meet a nice couple from NORCAL.
So, Portland, this goes out to you.
Thanks everyone.