_ of 1500

"Like a Japanese Cowboy
or a Brother on Skates
like a Blizzard in Georgia
or a Train Running Late. "

Received this little beauty from the gents over at JDK. This small almost pocket sized publication chronicles the last ten years of concert posters from Burlington, VT club Higher Ground. You know, the place where Wu Tang Clan is performing around the first of the year. Yes, I said Wu Tang Clan.*

Moving on, its a veritable look book of who's who from the past ten years, at least musically. This is reprinting all the posters that were given out at the shows, and boasts a pretty sweet cast of characters for their ensemble. And it feels pretty great in your hand too...travels well.

Yet, digging a little deeper (the interweb is awesome) and I found (it was actually just on their website) all of the posters were designed in the Iskra Print Collective. Which, JDK created to let their designers experiment with the art of screen printing.

That sounds like a terrible place to work.

This is my favorite so far.

Whats even better is the fusing of these two great things, design and music that gets me going...Ratatat, Disco Biscuits, Atmosphere, My Morning Jacket, Ween, Les Claypool, Built To Spill...Jesus people (no that's not a band) everything good is contained within...ok, I'll name a few more... Fiest, TMBG's, even Tenacious D.

The best part?
The covers of _of 1500 are all not only hand numbered, but hand silk screened.

Go Get One Already.

*Ok, lets be serious here for a moment. I wasn't joking when I said Wu Tang Clan is playing there. January 4th in fact. Don't make me say it again.