001: "It's all Gone Pete Tong."

Ho. Well, it hasn't completely gone the way of good ol Pete. Not yet anyway. And for those of you not up on your Cockney Rhyming Slang. Brush up, because otherwise it is going to be a long few weeks. Not really, but I do get quite a kick out of the slang.

Lets play catch up for a minute.

Dec 22: 7am
Waiting is one thing that I really have a problem with. This is partially why I never travel during the holidays. People ask me "Sir, why don't you travel during the holidays, go visit your parents or something..." and I tell them "I love my parents dearly, that's why I go visit them during the off season, where I can just breeze in and see them, and not have it be clouded by...well, by the anger that is involved with traveling during the holidays." Which brings me to...

Holiday Travel Tip #1:
If you're heading to the airport to catch a flight and the lines are really long. Just hang out. Sit in one of the nice padded seats near your check in area...someone will be along shortly (like about 10 minutes before you board) to shout out your flight and make sure that you make it to the gate on time. I watched it happen maybe 30 times in the two hours that I stood in line. So, folks, do it...don't stand around on your Plates making them sore. Sit. Lounge. You deserve it.

Enough of that. I made it to London alright and with an hour tube ride under my belt found myself in the lovely area called Hackney (birthplaces of not only Marc Bolan and Daniel Defoe, but also the spot where the first Bomb of World War One was dropped.) Its an interesting mainly Jewish neighborhood...more on that later....

Went over to the Rouleur exhibit this afternoon. Being a big (read: biggest) fan of Rouleur I was thrilled, to say the least about seeing what they had put up. Every time I get a new copy of the publication I pour over the images. The stock is velvety to the touch, the writing is flawless, this magazine is definitely something that I strive to recreate, I'm not going to lie here. However, with that being said I don't exactly want to be Rouler, just learn from it.

It was also exciting to see the sport that I love put on display on only a way that Rapha can do. Luxury. The photos themselves covered a broad range of topics. From intimate portraits to straight up race photos. My favorite, Etape du Tour 10, by Geoff Waugh (scroll down on his site to the Etape section.) The photo is of a few riders as they are passing under what looks to be a highway underpass, the ambiguity of the photo, coupled with the dense fog makes the photo look as though if you touched it, it would still be damp with condensation. Its that good. To be able to stand next to these huge prints and get an intimate feeling from them was great.

I've definitely got more for you. However I think its something like 5 in the morning here and I should get some sleep.

Side Note:
If you're into food and consuming it the way that I am. Meaning that you like it, how it tastes, how it looks, and how its made. Check out this new blog. Bloc11 Cafe co-owner and friend Jennifer Park does a pretty great job of offering an insight into her empire (two stores is an empire in my mind.)