002: Dear Santa, it's ok if you don't know everything.

Dear Santa,
Here's my list. Sorry that its a little late. I like to leave everything to the last minute. Then I run around scrambling not only my brain, but those of everyone around me as well. It is a problem. However, my list is just as important. See, I've got this disease and it involves bicycles and everything related to bicycles.

Is that bad? Tell me Santa, be honest.

In any case here's what I've got. I hope that it isn't too hard to sort out (actually you could probably just go straight to Little Rock, Arkansas for most of it.) I'm a terribly lustful little child when it comes to these things, so if you don't make it happen, well, I won't be too happy and I'm liable to start taking people out in the next Crit or Cross race that I enter. Just keep that in mind.

The list:

01) A new road frame.
See, I've been riding the same Bianchi Viratta Frame for the last, well almost four years now and I think that it is time for something new. I've got a few that I've been mulling over in my mind and I'll include the links for you to so that you can keep them straight: Seven Cycles, now I know that they mostly do the Ti thing, but I'm guessing that they could get a steel frame down nice and light...and if you could do some glow in the dark Embrocation Logos, well I'd really appreciate that. Parlee Cycles, I'm not fully convinced that carbon is the way to go (as you see above, if I have to go around crashing it), yet, I'm willing to give it a try. There are weight savings to be thought of, as well as road dampening for all those miles I'm about to put in. Circle A Cycles, now this is one that I've really been thinking about. My friend Dan has a few and every time I see them I start drooling. That's good right? Alright, weigh in, Santa and lets move on.

02) Sheep Dip 8 Year Old Scotch.
I'm in London, so I was figuring that it would be pretty easy to pick up a bottle on your flight over. It is so good. "Young and sprightly like a newborn lamb." How do you beat a description like that? Best part? The name really turns people off, so no one is likely to go stealing nips of it. Not like they would. Who would they be anyway? Right. Scotch. Plus the Sheep on the label is pretty badass looking.

03) Yokozuna Reaction Cable/Housing Set.
If Mr. Quirk would only stop talking about these things I would stop wanting them. Or at least I wouldn't even know about them, and thereby not know that I need to have these. A way to make my Sram shifting more precise? I want to snap through gears faster in a sprint than anyone else. And don't be fooled, Santa, by the "out of stock" symbol on their site. I mean, you are Santa right? Make it fucking happen.

04) Canon HF-100 HD Video Camera.
Shit, sorry, you saw right through my ploy. I already got one of these and I'm loving it. Now if only I could find a fast enough internet connection in England I would upload the video's from the Midnight Race over at Cambridge Bicycle the other night. Peter Bradshaw (and I've just been informed that he does indeed go by Peter) won the $200 cash prize put up by Kip and myself. And I got it all on Video. But a second camera would help too as Molly Cameron has committed to riding a few warmup laps with mine mounted to her handlebars and, well it might be nice to have a backup.

05) Typography by Ambrose/Harris
Actually I'm lusting after the whole series, Layout, Grids, Colour, Image to name a few
These neat little books by Gavin Ambrose and Paul Harris have a distinct style of their own. The design work that went into each one of these is pretty intense, but I think that the help that I could get from them as far as design, layout and general typography could be useful somewhere. Also, a complete collection looks better than just one. Keep that in mind friend.

06) Criterion Collection: Bottle Rocket - Wes Anderson
Seriously? Need I even go into this one? Wes, Luke, Owen, and the other brother ("you look like a little banana") together for the first time. Please, please. I beg you. This is even more exciting than when Two Lane Blacktop came out.

07) Reynolds All Carbon Clincher Wheelset
I was really pushing for the Edge ones, but apparently no one can get them. Plus, these are only $2750 for the set. Now, see I've got and done your bargain shopping for you. That's a steal and a half, plus they will look great on my new road frame, I just know it.

Ok, so I figured that seven things has got to be under the legal limit of what a boy can ask for right? I mean, the way I figure, I made it easy on you...no live animals, nothing really heavy (in fact, the lighter the better) and I didn't do too much cycling paraphanalia...so we're good right?

Merry Christmas, now get out and ride your bike.
If only by the banks of the sunny Charles (or Thames) for a few hours.
You deserve it.