003: What's in a name?

Went out to roam around Stamford Hill on christmas Day. Small "c" big "D."

The signage really cracks me up here in London. I don't know why. Maybe its because I've been saying it all in my head with an English accent (which I've been told, no joke, mine is a mix of David Bowie and Michael Caine.) Everything will crack you up if you say it with an English accent. If you don't believe me, spend the day watching not only Monty Python, but The Black Adder as well. The latter is new to me, but I think I'm in love with it. Who knew that Rowan Atkinson could be so funny? If he only spoke more often. However the real standout performance is from Tv's Dr. House MD....Hugh Laurie. Total slapstick comedian.

So, here's what I got around the neighborhood. If you've ever traveled with me before (which most of you haven't, but are doing right now) you would know that I love taking photos of signage, bicycle-related ephemera (my new favorite word) and sneaking photos of people in there too...so, here's what I got the other day.

1) "Covert Operations are Taking Place." Of course they are you silly Brits. But you don't have to put a sign out stating it...or do you? Psy-Ops are everywhere.

2) Now, I'm no political commentator by any stretch of the imagination...but a hugely Jewish neighborhood with a "West Bank" Street. I'm just an observer. Not a commentator.

3) Masher Brothers Construction. Can someone please send these guys some business? If only for their namesake? Maybe they do mostly demolition?

4) This is the one that I've really been wondering about. "B." What does this "B" stand for? If someone can answer this for my I will be immensely happy. "Bicycle" seems to easy. "Backside" was the next choice as, not only does it have the backside of someone on it, but it was tacked to the bottom of the rear fender. Answers people, that's all I ask for.

That's all I've got for now. Just wait till I get back on the bus and head for the "Balls Brothers" building I saw today. If that does not crack you up. I don't know what will.