038: The Road to Indy. NAHBS 2009

I'm packing my bags and heading out. Is anyone surprised by this? I should think not. The gracious fellows over at Independent Fabrication offered me a coveted spot in their van for the trip from Somerville to Indianapolis, Indiana.

Can anyone tell me why, at the end of february we're heading to Indiana instead of ...well, whatever it doesn't matter. We're heading there anyway.

Our van is packed to the gills with product; softgoods, displays, catalogs and a few sweet bikes as well. They had show this past weekend over in Boston. Check this out over at the Fourth Wall Project pretty cool project that has something to do with buildings that are slated for demolition. I don't know if that is the case for sure, but I heard something to that effect. In any case, even if it isn't it was a great way for a brand like IF to showcase their new products right before the show.

This way, some of their hometown fans, that may not make it out to the Handmade Show get a little sneak preview into their new line.

However, I have to say. There is one bike that they didn't see. Because it wasn't quite ready. Or maybe it was ready and they're just saving it for the show. Or maybe they'll just take it to the show, but not show anyone, because that's the kind of thing they would do. Bring the hype.

Well I'll tell you this. Its ready now. And it looks positively stunning. And I've seen some stunning bikes lately. But what could it be?

I also have a little coverage worked up for the good people over at Cambridge Bicycle. Stay tuned for that. Should be good. They told me to seek out every pink saddle at the show, so we'll see how that turns out...I talked them down from "every leopard print saddle" so that's good.

Also wanted to put up this photo of the old Carrerra Kit. Its from the newest Rouleur and the article is about Nalini clothing. Good stuff.

"Remember the ones that looked like jeans?" is what Embrocation cyclist Peter Bradshaw said to me the other day. So, there you go Peter. But it got me to thinking...about kits...

Friend of the family Adam Myerson recently wrote this. Subsequently it was published in the last Velonews. Its interesting. Very Adam to say the least. Yet the thing that struck me about it was that no matter how punk rock the professional cyclists lifestyle is...its never going to have kits that look like blue-jeans...again...until someone makes some more. And I think Mountain Khakis is in the best spot to make this happen.

There is a photo of High Road cyclist Kim Kirchen in the July issue of ProCycling. It was in the van so I read it. He's wearing the kit and standing next to his friend Frank Schlek. They both look to be about ten years old. The article goes on to talk about the overall PROness behind Kirchen. Who knows about this guy? He's legit. In a Fasso Bortolo - I've Lugged Ullrich up mountians and took the backseat for whomever I work for sort of way.

High Road may have their Georgie and the 'Dish. But this is who I want to know about.

But until then.

Go to this.