039: N a h b s

I don't know where to begin. I mean, I guess the logical place to start would be at the beginning. That makes sense right?

Or does it?

I've been anxious to fill everyone in on what happened at the show this year, but a few things prevented me from doing so. The first was the simple fact that Indianapolis has decided, collectively, that they're not interested in making wireless internet easy to utilize for the general public. The Official NAHBS Media Office cited "too expensive" for their reason behind not offering internet services to their media outreach. Whoopsie.

So, now that I've made the trek back from Indy, through the arctic blast that is New England I'm ready to start thinking and talking about the NAHBS show.

First off. It was great.

But what is the best way to do this? Break it up in to three days? Slam it all out on one post? Maybe find a few relevant things and just kind of go for it? In any case, here's what you've got to look forward to in terms of photo, video and written exploration of the 2009 North American Handmade Bicycle Show:

-Sacha White Explains the new Speedvagen Track Bike.
Cielo. Chris King's new line of bicycles comes to fruition. Red Herring much?
-Lex from Villin Cycle Works talks about hitch-hiking in Alaska. Beardy.
-Broakland Bicycles get weird with Teddy Ruxspin.

-Lots of close ups. Yes Carbon does look that good up close.
-Spent too much time looking at Speedvagen Brass Knuckles.
-Have now determined that my city bike (which I don't have, but will when I move to Portland) most definitely needs a wine rack. How else am I going to get my wine around?
-Spent a good amount of time looking for the show stopping T-shirt.
-Other weird shit going on in Indianapolis.

-Essays on love (ie bicycles.)
-Apologies. Not really. I don't have anything to apologize for. Or do I?
-What happens when a bicycle company that isn't known for its carbon bike wins "Best Carbon Bike" at a handmade bicycle show.
-Other weird shit going on in Indianapolis.
-How to throw a "Secret Party" and have everyone come. A field guide.
-Nothing on the Frambuilders Collective.
-Are beer coasters the new business cards?
-Can I let celebrities on the Embrocation Cycling Team? Should I? Can we handle it?

So, in the next few days, I think that you can expect to see all and more of these things.


And if there's something there that you don't see, or you don't see me keeping up my end of the bargain, well then let me know. Seriously. I wouldn't want to fail anyone like that.

I'll leave you with a quote from my friend Ira Ryan:
"It can't be all Unicorns and Cupcakes every day." But we can still try can't we?