069: Katousha Would Break You Too.

Rode P.I.R. tonight.

It is something that you do in Portland. Ride bikes. Race bikes. Talk about bikes. Think about Manifests for Bikes....bikes bikes bikes...and its all positive, all the time. Right? In any case the race was a nice Tuesday night attack fest. Dave Roth himself was there. He described it well to me by stating "Welcome to our little Tuesday night World Championships."

Doesn't every town have a TNWC?

On the way home I was talking to S. Hunter. Which is also sometimes pronounced Shunter. Ad in "The Shunted One." He's an all around great guy and his exploits riding with the Pro's of Euro Cyclocross can be seen here. I'm sure that he hates this. Yet, if I was pushed out of the way or punched by R. Groenendael, I would tell everyone I know.

So, through the conversation with Steven I remembered this ride with the Katousha boys. Maybe it is because I'm getting ready to embark on Rapha Continental Round Two? Or maybe it just had something to do with riding in a group again. Either way, it was a pretty fantastic opportunity to ride with some pro's and see how they do things.

We all met up with Katousha early in the morning two days before they would ride the Paris-Roubaix. A nice little recon mission with a bunch of euro-wannabe americanzies tagging along. Sounds like a great plan right?

I could tell from the onset that they weren't too thrilled. But they put up with us anyway. Or put up with us the best way that they know how. By dropping the lot of us as fast as they could. It wasn't even a matter of choice. Embrocation Cycling Rider Peter Bradshaw was the only one who could hang with these boys (he can be spotted in this article by Rouler's Guy Andrews.) A flat tire didn't help me any, but I'm not complaining. I had a great day riding by myself.

Pre ride prep happened on the side of the road before Arenburg. Tire pressure was checked. Pictures of fake Vredstein's were taken (you're not fooling anyone there guys.) Someone from our group threw up in the bushes...maybe it was nerves?

And then we were off.

This little video shows it all. Or at least the all that I saw.

Sweet Ridley Bikes with Cross brakes? Check.
English Editor of esteemed Cycling Publication? Check.
Backsides of Professional Cyclists? Check.
High White Socks Complimented by Mavic Yellow Shoes? Check.
Inadvertent Rapha Clothing Ad? Double Check.

Also, with a little digging I found that Katousha, or Katyusha, or Катюша if you prefer...

Well it is actually the name of a WWII Rocket Launcher? Does anyone else find this odd? I mean, its cool and all and I get the obvious reference of Cycling to War...but could you imagine the German Luger Cycling Club? or the maybe the Lee Enfield Riders? Just a thought.

Gross Domestic Product eh? I'm on to you Ka-whoever you are.