071: Endless Summer — Rapha Continental

First off the Rapha Continental Road Journal just got a new fresh look. Check it out. There should be some content from the current iteration of our travels up there in the next day or so.
And that's PVB styling it up on the front of the new Rapha website. Slick.

New saddles make me happy. They look fresh, especially if the nice stripe of pink down the middle matches your bike. Also, if the saddle in question is doing its job properly (and believe you me, this Arione is) a new saddle can bring out that "new bike scent" in your bicycle. You'll look at it a little differently. Maybe you will even catch yourself winking at it as the saddle catches your eye while you purchase some electrolyte drink from your local convenience store? Who knows?

Unless of course you're one of these cyclists with a tender undercarriage who runs out to buy 30 saddles, all exactly the same as the one that they have found to work. Which is fine I say. Go with what you like.

Me, I like to mix it up now and again. This time outfitted on a pink Arione. Well, I have to report this: After its first real ride - see below - I'm still winking at it. In fact, on the Amazingness Scale, which I just invented, I'd give it a 7 out of 9. But, then again, I just invented it so I can do that.

It is becoming painfully obvious that riding all day and then stuffing yourself with Mexican food and beer may make one delirious. Lets just go with it and see how it turns out.

Also, because of the aforementioned reasons I may or may not be getting all of these details exactly right.

The Ride: Deliverance Run. It was originally named something else, but our host Scott (who chose an awesome and amazing route) renamed it because parts of that amazing film by Director John Boorman were shot in this area. I'm not even sure if I got the renaming right.

The State: Georgia. Where have you been all my life? I said in my bio interview that I was hoping to do some riding in the South. Well thank you Powers That Be, for making that happen. The South is amazing. The people are wonderful. The scenery is mind blowing.

Distance and Climbing: I think the ride topped out at 113 miles and 12,000 feet of climbing. Take this as the word of me that there is no flat stretch of land in Georgia. At least not this part.

The Pushups: Dan and I are going to do 100 pushups a day during the duration of the trip. Steve also said that he wanted to get in on this. Then he watched us (throughout the day mind you I could not do that shit all at once) and decided against it. He did touch me on the arm during a particularly gnarly descent and shout "I love my new Seven."

The Roadkill: My legs for one. The others: 1) Huge Black Snake 1) unknown mangled pile of gristle 1) cat and I think what looked to be 1) Blackbird.

The Food: This one is for you Mr. Tracko. I have decided that my daily diet while in the south (and maybe for the rest of my life) should include at least one Ham related item. Today that item was Ham. Yesterday it was bacon. Three times. "I am a healthy individual" is what I keep telling myself over and over. Also: I'm a big fan of the plate that this was served on.

The Glasses: Molly gave me these before I left. Think SpaceMan and think it real hard. Sometimes lasers shoot out of my eyes when I wear them. And people give you strange looks and go "are those new?" but kind of turn up one side of their lip at the same time. Its cool though. I don't mind.

Ok, tomorrow - Ashville (where I will go Check out the BBQ in that town! Thanks Mat)
Tonight however. Sleep.

But tomorrow I'll have a whole new slew of strange and wonderful things for you to look at/dwell upon. Little "Treets," a story of how my rear wheel exploded going up Brasstown Bald, and more snippets from the road.

As a good friend of mine says.

"Hi Five."