072: Endless Summer — Rapha Continental

Today was our "rest day" so to speak. We got up, had a little leisurely breakfast with out wonderful hosts Scott and Jillian and then hit the road towards Asheville, NC. Population - awesome.

So, what do we do on a rest day?

Oh, nothing much, just kit up and ride for something like 40 miles. Not a big deal, trust me. Climbing you ask? Well, yes, most of it consisted of climbing on the Blue Ridge Parkway, but that would be totally natural for hardmen like us, right? Right.

Kevin took us out from the shop where he works — Liberty Bicycle, which was, not only a great shop because of its glorious stock, but also based on the fact that they are conveniently situated right next to the aforementioned Blue Ridge Parkway. So, we had to ride it right? I mean, who are we to back down from a challenge (or a friendly request?)

The best part about the ride was the tunnels connecting the various ridges along the way. Seemingly harmless at first, they become pitch black and kind of scary about half way in. The video above is Steve "Franny" Francisco descending into one such tunnel. You may notice that as he heads into the black abyss the camera falters for a moment. This is merely myself regaining composure in the blackness that is. Hang with it though because he does make it out the other side.

The ride was an out an back that, on the way down proved to be a pretty quick little jaunt. Climbing for some ten odd miles makes for a quick descent.

Tomorrow we hit the road for the actual ride, which will be something like 100 miles again. We shall see how that goes.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the Glock.

I was sitting in the van waiting for the guys to get some coffee. I was sort of floating in and out of consciousness. Daydreaming and generally being kind of lazy. I noticed that a guy in a truck had pulled up next to me and struggled to get out. I barely noticed he was there. But, while I was looking over, and a little down, at his truck I noticed a few things in his wide front seat.

- some trash, kind of a lot of it actually.
-food wrappers and cartons
-something that looked like a pager
-a glock

Yes, you read that right. On the seat next to this unassuming old man sat a gun. A big one at that. I tried to take this picture to prove it to you, but it didn't really turn out.

I smiled to myself and said out loud.

"Welcome to North Carolina."