076: Endless Summer — Rapha Continental

Check out the trailer for Brian Vernor's new film. Looks pretty friggin awesome. He was just on the Rapha Continental as well. In fact, if you look closely at the Muse, Oklahoma ride, you might see him peacefully napping under a copy of Varmit Hunter. Which is interesting not only because a magazine called Varmint Hunter exists, but also because Brian can be seen napping again in the trailer for his film Where Are You Go.

Moving on, we have had more than a few people ask about the new bikes on the team. In fact, one gentleman rode up to us (I think this was when we were back in North Carolina) and said that he had seen the new Seven Cycles frame and the Hunter frame on the website.

The studio photos are HERE.
The interview with Rick Hunter is HERE.

So, when I was helping polish Ben and Steve's bikes the other day I took a few snaps of them. Ben claims to love his new Hunter more than his other "plastic" bikes now anyway. But that doesn't mean he loves riding on dirt with it. Its an acquired taste I'm sure.

Also, the new write up for the ride that we did in Frankford, West Virgina is up. Check out the sweet Embrocation T-shirt hiding in the photos. That and a very shattered looking...well, me.