091: So, You're a Photographer Now?

I got to spend some time with Chris Milliman (check out his new website) this past weekend. He was in town to do some shooting for a new brand of bicycles and asked me to help out. So I got to be a male model for the morning. Yikes. But, enough about that. Check out Milliman's CBS t-shirt (which also looks to be a new website).

It is a good time to watch a guy like Milliman go to work. One can tell that he's always playing with the whole mise-en-scene of each situation. How the light, rider, bike, scenario affect each individual shot. We spent a good amount of time in Forest Park looking for the right angles. I have to say, if there was somewhere to shoot a bicycle, this park is it. The mossy overgrowth made the perfect backdrop for this orange beauty.

Chris also carries a pretty amazing arsenal of cool cameras with him that would, and should make anyone jealous. My favorite is the Clack. Which incidentally also means "cycling cap" in Flemish. But I think it is spelled "klack" there. Photographers are a strange breed I have to say, and some day I hope to be one. Sigh. One can dream though? Can't one?

Moving on.
The whole shoot was film. None of this fancy digi stuff that everyone is touting these days. I didn't get to see all of the Beloved bicycles, but the two that I saw looked great. You know what else looked great....

While we were out shooting we ran into Hott Sam as well. You may recall that both Hott Sam and Chris Milliman have been featured in the same blog post before. Trust me when I say that it was controversial in a way I've never seen. Probably because Sam is so Hott? And Controversial.
I would say that he sparks conversation he's so hot. But that isn't true. He sparks straight up fires in the hearts of all that see him. Now that's controversial (for those of you who don't know, this is a little writing technique I like to call hyperbole).

Although I have to give credit where credit is due. Sam was part of what we like to call "The Original Three." Sacha White and Tony Kick made up the other two thirds and were the founders of a group of cyclists that have come to call themselves the Gentle Lovers. See, I'm starting to get the local folklore down...

That's his Gang Sign For Hott.

Sam and I talked a lot about his Male Modeling Lifestyle. It is pretty extensive. And pretty. And I say "lifestyle" because that is what it is. You'll know when he is ready to turn it into a career. Because it will drop like an atomic bomb. Until then he's probably just going to keep turning his life into art and art into his life. That and drinking good beer.

It was good to see you Sam. And I'm glad that everyone wore red.