090: Embrocation Technique — Joe Staples

Previously we've seen our man Steve Francisco and his embrocation application technique. Very good, very purposeful and very heavy on the sheen angle. Great Job!

Well, this has got me to thinking and instantly a few question popped into my head. How do other people do it? Is there a right way to go about applying embrocation to your legs?

I started asking around. Who would know? Of course I got the first person I asked, because I only asked the best. The PRO-est of the PRO. This guy is so PRO that no one has even seen him race a bicycle. I always thought this was because he was so far off the front. Heading into the sunset for that "only one in the photo" effect. Which would be good.

In any case this time it is Joe Staples and instead of the Team Edition he is showing us with the brand new Mango Love Embrocation. I'll recap at the other end. You just watch.

That was quick, now let us recap.

1) Don't mind the chickens, they're loud and they live behind the office.

2) Smell it. This is part of the experience too. Equate it to your morning coffee. Make it a part of your routine.

3) Never cross paths. No chamois cream on the legs, no leg balm on the chamois.

4) Remove the embro in a symmetrical pattern. This way when you share with friends they aren't turned off by the "double dipping." Its just for your legs anyway.

5) Warm it with your hands first.

6) Start with the tendons. I like this one because he's right. They do take longer to warm up.

7) Live out your Frank Vandenbroucke fantasies. As we all should. Model girlfriends, a rock and roll lifestyle. Just don't call all Pantani on us. Why? Because comebacks are awesome, especially when you claim to be T. Boonen.

And that's it really. I know that it sounds like a lot, but figure out your own routine. What works best for you, and then stick to you.

I wonder who else would be good at this sort of thing?