105: A Two, or Three Video Saturday.

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I don't have a TV. But if I did, I would be watching things like...The Colbert Report. One time, when I worked in the Television Production world. This was a long time ago, but I did a lot of Teleprompting. This basically involves using a mouse with a roller ball, or a just the plain old trackpad on your computer, loading a fancy program and then scrolling along with whomever happens to be on stage reading out-loud. I did this for people like Chris Matthews, John Kerry and his wife, Terri Gar and John Stewart. Stewart was the funniest. I think about this every time I see him. How he's funny. Indeed, I enjoy people who are funny.

This is the second video. Shot this video in Belgium last year.

Was thinking about this because last night saw the meeting of the minds. Met with local legends S. Hunter, M. Cameron, and B. Ellin to talk about the upcoming Cyclocross season here in Portland. Now, I don't know about you, but I feel like everyone has 'Cross on the brain all of a sudden. No? Check out the most recent post over at Race.cx as it talks about Brian's first Cross race. Pretty interesting to talk about how we all got into this sport. Good stuff.

Ok, lets make it three.

I saw this over at Molly's Blog. I dream of making video's this good. What is it going to take? Better equipment? Probably. I wonder out loud what this was shot with. It looks really good. But it begs the question: What to do? I want to race Cyclocross more than anything, but what then, do I do about covering the race scene this year?

I'm on a quest to find out the differences between the East and West Coast Cyclocross Scenes. Who know's what kind of craziness could come of it. Either way I saw a lifesized Billy Dee Williams at the Liquor Store just now. Thank you Colt 45 for bringing it back. And apparently Sheppard Fairey designed it. Weird? Weird.