115: The Week In Advance.

There's too much going on not to talk about it. So, had to come up with a schedule for it. Then, I thought, if I tell you about it, then I'll have to actually put it out there on the internets. Here are a few possible topics. And I only say possible because, well, really its "no holds barred" around here.

I have used some KNOG stickers to illustrate. And anytime you get to label photos "Smoke Better," "Slacks," and "Pregnant," take that chance. Take it and run with it. So, here is what I'm thinking for the week.

Monday: Rapha Gentleman's Race.
What's going on here? Have you heard about this? It is the biggest new craze. We are racing as the Embrocation Media Team. Which means what? Well with our powers combined, we will work with you, the viewer to prove un-interupted coverage of the race. We're going to have to do this telepathically, so work with me here. But if you are up for it I am definitely up for it. See Washingmachinepost for team tactics. See [Insert name of other blog here?] for their own coverage of the race.

Monday Alternate: Cadel Evans? Really? I say yes, bring me some more crazy videos. I want some drama. Something exciting and daring. Remember when he headbutted the camera or held on to his little stuffed Lion. Amazing stuff here all compiled by PRO Cycling. However doesn't Cadel derserve a little something? I mean throw the guy a bone every once in a while guys. He tries hard. I mean, the look on his face alone. Attrition pie choked down with a chaser of sufferenzi especial. That's Italian for "riding your face off."

Monday Alternate Two: Where we can buy some rims like this. I want them for everyday consumption. Wouldn't these be great Cross Tubulars? Just think pure Billboard with me for a moment. I don't even know who made them and I want to have them. Sigh.

Tuesday: Interbike
Who's going? Who's with me on this one? There has got to be some interesting stuff happening. Who's going to see Cippo (drunk) this year? Who's going to win best booth? Lightest Road bike on the market? Hot new bottom bracket setup? These are the things people care about right? In other news Bob Roll said that he's going to be there. But so is Simon Burney, Brendan Quirk, and Michael Robertson. So many people, so little time.

Tuesday Alternate: Cross Vegas.
Who is going to win? There might be a few heavies hanging out before hand. Trebon, Johnson (in New Red Bull teamwear?) and probably a few other in sponsorship. Johnathan Page? Someone from the NW? Bring it.

Wednesday: School of Cross
What is this, and how rad is it going to be?
Cyclocross and Very. Those are the answers. Still trying to get Slate to teach the segment on how to Properly Tie and Silk Cravat. So many uses, so little time. However looking over the list of people who are set to teach. Shit, that makes me want to be a student all over again.

Wednesday Alternate: Pro Tip of the Week?
Well, I did it for the others so I thought I'd do it here as well.

Thursday: Rapha Gentleman's Race Roundup.
Why can't we stop talking about it? Because its a 135 miles. I'm thinking by this point we'll have some tactics ironed out to speak off. Where we're going to go on the attack. What gear inches each cassette cog means in the back. Possible embrocation choices based on forcasted weather. You know, useful stuff like that.

At that point it will be full on Gentlemanly behavior for the weekend.

What that means I'm determined to find out.